5 Subtle Ways She’s Definitely Into You


Men are classically bad at recognizing hints from women; and since women are more socially ‘in tune’, they wonder why it’s so difficult for men to detect what seem to be obvious signs for them.  So, to hone your figuring-out-whether-she’s-into-me skills, here are the subtle signs from her that you absolutely need to watch out for.


  1. She Asks You Questions

A woman who’s just not into you won’t bother asking you what you’re drinking when you approach her at the bar or inquire about your favourite song by the performer when you meet her at a concert. Why? Simply because she doesn’t care. However, if the questions you ask her are answered and she asks you back with questions of her own, you’re making a good impression.

  1. She Ends the Awkward Silence

While some people find silence as a chance to intensify the mood, many feel incredibly uncomfortable when everything goes silent. So, here’s a little trick, the next time an awkward silence creeps in, don’t say anything. If she doesn’t make an effort to kill the awkwardness, then let it be your last date. If she tries to start a new conversation, then that’s a good sign. She’s making the effort!

  1. She Blushes

While women can alter other signs of interest so as not to appear too easy, there are physiological signs that can’t easily be disguised. According to experts, a woman’s face, neck, and upper chest turn reddish when flirting or sexually aroused. So, if the woman you’re dating blushes in the right places, you’re definitely on track.


  1. She Stays In Contact

If she’s interested in you, she will make herself available, even if just by email or text. Likewise, if she’ll be gone for days, she will touch base with you to let you know where she’s going, when she will be coming back, or when and how she can be reached. If you she does not provide this information to everyone, even better—it simply means you are special for her.

  1. She Sends Her Friends to Check You Out

Women are excellent detectives. And when they want to get to know someone better, they often seek help from their friends to gather information about you. Even if the friends aren’t asked to investigate, if she’s been talking about you to her friends, they might be curious enough to do some research on their own. So, pay attention to how her friends treat you—if they start adding you on Facebook, following you on Instagram and other social networks you’re in, chances are the girl friends are gathering intel.


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