5 Ways to Overcome Sudden Weather Change


Like everything on Earth, change happens to the weather in sudden ways imaginable. You start your day with a sunny morning and ends it up with a rainy evening. Or either ways, you start your day with a heavy rain, and ends it up with hot afternoon. What an inconvenience right? Not only that, this sudden weather change may cause not only simple inconvenience but it also brings unexpected diseases that someone might get due to the shift in weather temperature.


In Singapore, the rise of dengue cases relates to the sudden change in weather that the country currently experiences. Number of cases of dengue add up from day to day. With this situation, how do we cope with the inevitable call of weather? Here are 5 easy ways to deal with sudden weather change like a boss.

  1. Food is everything. What better way to help yourself to be invincible with disease is to be digestively and bodily ready? Eat healthy foods to make your body more ready to fight unexpected harm that the weather may bring. Throw out and stop eating junk foods, fast foods and other unhealthy foods. Return to the old healthy kind of food choices – go and think green!


  1. Being equipped is fantastic. Always come in prepared, whether you are going out to the mall, or just taking your dog to a walk, do not rely on the current weather condition – always see the future. Carry a light weight umbrella wherever you go. With this, either the sun hits you, or the raindrops soak you, you are more than ready to deal with it. Plus, carrying an umbrella is not that big of a deal anyways.


  1. Always be mindful. Your initiative is your best friend. Always see what might be ahead. In this unpredictable changes in weather, dealing with it smartly can save you from getting colds or any disease due to sudden weather change. If you see a dark clouds forming, then you know what to do, and basically know what to bring. If you see scorching hot sun, then you know as well what to do and what to bring. Always keep your mind in an A-game, whether it be dealing with the weather or other things in life.


  1. Get some means – be aware. Get yourself informed. If you’re planning on going outside, make sure that you are able to check the news for current weather updates. Always be guided with what are the recent weather temperature and the chances of raining if there is. A weather news might change your life!


  1. Just stay right where you are – home. Nothing is ever safer than staying at home. If you have nothing important to deal with outside, just stay at home. Feel cozy and you have nothing to stress about whether it rains or its hot outside. Get a blanket, sit in your couch, eat your popcorn and watch your favorite show. Besides, weather won’t directly hit you at home.

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