Advice for Fresh Graduates

Real world is new. It is harsh. It is way different from one’s comfort zone. Real world brings a lot of pain physically, emotionally and spiritually. There are competitive people who will put you down, and there will be challenges that will tear you apart. Nonetheless, as a fresh graduate, you must be head and heart strong to face all these. Here are some tips to help you in facing the real world.


Accept that you are facing a different life. Life after graduation is way different that what you got used to in school. In school, you can stop and rest when you are exhausted, but in real world, you have no choice but to go on and keep moving because you are already being paid. Accept the fact that there will be a lot of changes, and these changes will be drastic. Expect the worse, so you can prepare yourself.

Prepare your mind and heart. Real world is a battle, and everything you learned from school and all the values you have cultivated in studying will serve as your weapons in shield in facing the battle. Make sure to use your mind. When objectivity and knowledge are called by the situation, make sure to use them. When compassion is what is needed, do not hesitate to be compassionate. Your years of studying prepared you for this, apply all that you learned.


Keep your focus. What are your goals after graduation? If it is your goal to land a job in a particular company, make sure to focus and do everything it takes to achieve that goal. Do not let distractions like the feeling of not being ready yet, fear, criticisms of other people and negative thoughts to the real world slow you down. Just focus on your goals and make them happen.

Prepare all job hunting paraphernalia. Since getting a job is every fresh graduate’s goal, make sure that you prepare all job hunting materials you need. A well written resume is your key to getting a job as it is the first thing employers would see. Prepare yourself on interviews. Job hunting will be your first real world challenge.


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