Alkaline Water: Natural Treatment for Asthma and Allergies

Every time you breathe, you lose water. So, that’s about a quart of water every single day you breathe out of your body. In colder places, during winter season, the mist that we often notice coming out from the nose and mouth as people breathe is the invisible water vapour that’s a by-product of breathing. Imagine hanging your wet clothes on a clothesline to be dried out. When it’s windy, the clothes dry much faster. Same thing happens when breathing. You create a wind that goes deep inside your lungs. If you don’t drink enough water, your lungs dry out and the delicate membranes that absorb oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide would become brittle. As water supply diminishes, the body is forced to produce more histamine, which isn’t a very helpful internal action when dealing with asthma and allergies.


Purpose of Histamine

Histamine is an agent that’s in-charge of regulating water distribution in the body and is responsible for keeping the body’s antiviral, ant-bacterial, and anti-foreign chemical defence systems healthy. When the body has sufficient amount of water, histamine’s action are imperceptive in an unexaggerated level. On the other hand, if the body is dehydrated, the immune system activates the histamine producing cells to release large amounts of histamine that is supposed to be used for other functions.

Tissue Toxicity Leads to Allergies and Asthma

Some Singapore doctors said that allergic reactions are triggered by toxins produced by harmful bacteria like Candida, which develops in acidic environments. According to Dr. Robert Young, the toxins produced by microbes in an overly acidic body contribute to symptoms of allergy. The toxins will cause the immune system to overwork and be constantly stimulated. If a person does not have symptom-producing fungus and bacteria, it’s likely impossible to experience allergic reactions—another reason to maintain the right acidity/alkaline level of your body.

Asthma is also a health condition caused by lack of water. In cases where this condition isn’t caused by dehydration, it can get worse by dehydration. Therefore, good water like Singapore alkaline water from H2O Life Source can play a crucial role in keeping the body healthy, in reducing symptoms of asthma, and in curing asthma.

Water Chemicals that Can Aggravate Asthma

Not all potable water is created equally. When drinking water, it would be best to run it first through a water filter to free it from toxic minerals and chemicals. It also needs to have standard pH level to neutralize the acidity of the body and prevent growth of harmful microorganisms internally.

Drinking water with chlorine and contaminants can get you sick and potentially trigger or aggravate asthma symptoms. Unfortunately, most tap water in Singapore has chlorine in them as this is the compound used in municipal water systems to neutralize the acidity of the water in order not to corrode the water pipes. This simply means that tap water isn’t only contaminated with chemicals, but also acidic—the two qualities you don’t want in your water.


Drinking water safe from harmful chemicals will help enhance your health, and thus relieve asthma symptoms. If the water you take has chemicals in it, it will only worsen your situation. Just always keep in mind though that the water is not the problem, but the chemicals in it. The best thing to do is to get the chemicals out of the water before drinking it.

Alkaline Water for Treating Asthma and Allergies

Eradicating acidic elements and hydrating the body is relatively easy. By drinking alkaline water, you are flooding your cells and tissues with minerals necessary to neutralize acidic wastes in the body. Additionally, the superior hydrating power of alkaline helps even the most severe case of dehydration.

People with asthma can benefit significantly with alkaline water as it is full of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium, which are very essential in combating the disease.
Moreover, these minerals also help eliminate acidic compounds responsible for the growth of disease-causing microorganisms and increase the body’s ability to cope with the anxiety caused by influx of toxic gasses.

Here in Singapore, you’ll find many different brands of alkaline ionizing machines. They come in different types, such as machines, tumblers, and pitchers, to provide cost-effective and ease of access to clean and healthy alkaline water.


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