Being Famous (1)

5 Simple Tips to Gain Internet Fame


Social media dominates the internet world of today. One of the most popular and visited social media websites is YouTube, a video sharing site that allows people from around the globe to upload their video whether it be a music video, vines or anything with different themes. Due to its rise, some “YouTubers” gain internet fame for having viral and trending videos.


Amongst the number of most visited channels in YouTube is Wahbanana, a local YouTube Channel in Singapore with more than 569,000 subscribers and having more than a million views in every of their uploaded videos. Wahbanana is casted by several local Singaporean YouTube stars like Mathew Stewart, Eden Ang, Jason Hau, Audrey Goh and other local YouTubers.

They gain their internet fame by creating quirky videos with themes like comparison videos, differentiating types of people in various aspects, and other funny videos which the audiences found very entertaining. But what do it takes to be noticed in social media? Well, here are five simple tips to help you become a star in your own YouTube channel.

  1. Be more than just a pretty face. Yes, good looks can catch the eye but it’s not exactly the looks that will sustain your stardom in YouTube. If you want to get noticed, then be more than just a pretty face. Give your audience the side of you that shows how awesome you are as a person. Viewers appreciate someone who is more than the face but has something interesting to offer.


  1. Talent is everything. Enrich your God-given gifts and share it to the world. Viewers nowadays are smart, they don’t just hit “like” button for nothing for nothing eh. Usually, those who gain fame in the internet are the ones who has that talent whether be it in singing, dancing, stunts, cooking, acting or anything – a touch of your talent can be very interesting. So if you are thinking of getting noticed, practice your talent and upload it for the world to see.

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  1. Think outside the box. If you have the talent – then you are in for an advantage, but if you are having a hard time discovering your hidden potentials, then you can try different schemes and be creative. Think outside the box, think of something that you feel will interests yourself and the viewers. Think differently, because different is good. Be more adventurous, be more noticing, and be more confident to try out new things. Well, a dose of peculiarity doesn’t hurt either right?


  1. Be funny. With all the stress in everyday life, every viewer deserves something fun right? You can simply do this by enjoying yourself. Have fun, laugh at yourself, do crazy stuffs (crazy but safety) and spread joy to your viewers. Mostly viewed videos are those with funny acts, stunts and crazy cool stuffs – those that have something entertaining for the people.


  1. Outshine your own self – be you! Above everything else, there is nothing more special than sharing the person you are to the world. Do the things that makes you happy – video yourself, be comfortable in who you are, simply just be you. Viewers usually appreciate an honest video, and nothing’s more noticeable than you just being you. Let others hate – but trust me, a lot will appreciate.