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Hiring the Right IT Service Partner

As a business owner, choosing an IT services provider is one of the major decisions you will make as your IT partner will be working closely with you and will be your advisor for your company’s technological needs.

So how do you know whether a provider is the right partner for you? How do you choose one from hundreds of IT companies in Singapore? Each company will surely claim to offer the most comprehensive services and the most responsive team there is. Some may try to impress you with technical language and jargon, while others will try to sway you with low price tags. While all their offers may look appealing, there are some things you can do to help you further determine whether an IT company is a good choice or not.

1. Develop Your Own Criteria

You’ll be able to narrow down your options if you have certain qualifications to follow. Some service providers won’t make it to your list for reasons that has nothing to do with integrity or honesty. Do they have enough people to do the job? Have they had this kind of project before? Do they possess the skills needed? Are they a stable company? The answers to these questions are strong determining factors, besides the trust-worthiness of a company.

2. Go for the Right Size

Bigger is not always better. Owners of small and medium enterprises are often drawn into the idea that big names are more reputable and more experienced, which is usually the case though. Bigger IT companies prioritize the big fish, even if it is the small- and medium-sized fish that get trapped in their nets. Usually, the size of the business tends to compare to the services provided. You should choose a service provider with IT experts in Singapore where your business is deemed significant to warrant special treatment.

3. Meet the IT Management Team

Once you have chosen a potential service provider, meet their IT management team. You will be working closely with these people, so it’s a smart move to get to know them first before closing the deal. Are they welcoming, smart, professional and organized people? Are they responsive to meetings and phone calls? Are they customer oriented? Ask for a meeting with the IT team just to get to know them more.

4. Look for Honesty and Transparency

Every IT company has their own weaknesses. It would be ideal to ask your potential IT services provider what their weaknesses are, so that you’d be aware and able to decide whether the issue is a deal breaker or you can work around it. A service provider with no gaps is like a job applicant who believes he has no weaknesses. An honest service provider will openly discuss their weakness and offer to improve them through trainings, realigning resources or hiring specialists for the field.

5. Tour Their Site

It’s a very basic thing to do, but it’s amazing how many company owners do not visit the operational offices of their service providers, whose services they will be spending considerable amounts of money on and who will be their partner for a long time to come. As a smart business owner, visit the office, help desk and data centre of your potential service provider to personally check their facilities and workmanship.

6. Talk to Peers and Colleagues

Your friends and colleagues in the industry you’re in are your great resources for hiring the right service provider in Singapore. Other than reaching out to people you know, you can check out user groups and trade associations to increase your knowledge about outsourced IT services. After soliciting ideas, you will start to notice patterns, and certain IT service companies will emerge. Service providers whose names are not known in the community require closer examination.

7. Contact Some of the Company’s Previous Clients

You should be concerned if your potential service provider can’t provide you with names for references on the spot. Any reputable service provider keeps a list of reference since a solid customer reference is much more effective than any marketing strategy or presentation. Preferably, the reference list should consist of names from senior level managers as they are usually the most knowledgeable people who can tell you the business impact of a service provider. If it takes a while for a service company to provide references, there might be a problem. If in doubt, you always have the option to look for another IT company.

8. Excellent Customer Service

Choose to partner with a company that provides excellent customer service—a company who can answer your queries with a smile and reply to your emails immediately. Some service providers in Singapore have excellent IT support, but their customer service isn’t up to standards. Excellent customer skills are beneficial especially in inconvenient times of technical troubles. Moreover, look for a company that provides more than just troubleshooting IT problems, but also offer advices about new technologies and consultancy services on various tech concerns.

The bottom line is, your IT services provider should not only focus on selling their newest services or flashiest technical package. As with any successful partnership, the focus should be on looking for ways how the two businesses concerned can work together in a mutually beneficial partnership with a shared goal. Searching for the right service provider can be a complex and tricky process; but as long as it is done right, IT outsourcing can prevent business hiccups that can hamper organizational efficiency, growth and productivity.

Your Ultimate Guide in Picking Better Working Gear  


The workplace can pose different hazards to your hands in the form of cuts and burns. Also, rigorous working environments can bring harmful effects to the respiratory system and to your health in general. Having that said, it is vital to choose the right protective equipment. Whether you’re looking for safety gloves, paper face masks, or respiratory protective equipment, here are some tips you need to follow.


Know the hazards

First, there is a need for you to identify the materials in your workplace and the possible hazards that come with it. Basically, there are different hazards in different industries such as construction, maintenance, joinery and plumbing. This may include bio hazardous substances, extreme temperatures, and electrical current, and harsh chemicals. By knowing the potential hazards in your workplace, you’ll get to know the right choice of protective equipment.

Choose the right material

When choosing a pair of glove, you need to choose one that is resistant to abrasion for maximum protection. For example, you can buy household rubber gloves with bead cuff, grip palm, and flock liner. This is advisable for industrial and domestic cleaning. If you need a protective barrier against dry and wet working environments, choose a disposable glove with low density polyethylene for your safety is a good idea. If you are doing warehouse work, the best option for you is a cotton glove that is designed with a ribbed knit-wrist.

For respiratory protection, choose a disposable face mask that is lightweight and has elastic ear loops. Also, when choosing the right masks for protection against dust, make sure to choose equipment designed with quality materials.


Consider comfort

Safety gloves, disposable paper face masks, and other protective gears are likely to be used consistently. Hence, always choose one that you are comfortable with and that fits you well. When you’re using gloves which are too small, it will restrict your movement. On the other hand, using gloves that are too large for you may lead to a less secured grip or be accidentally caught in the machinery.  Choosing the wrong type of hand or respiratory protection equipment can cause injury instead of protecting you against it. Hence, always make sure that the gear fits you.

Look into the price

Practicality also applies when choosing the right personal protective wear. To save money, you can buy disposable gloves and household rubber gloves in bulk. If you want affordable disposable paper face masks or a quality glove, look for clothing suppliers that offer discounts for big orders.

Don’t put your safety and comfort at risk when you are in the workplace. Wearing protective paper face masks and safety gloves does not only mean putting on a clothing. Just like with all other protective equipment, it is essential that they fit not only the job but most importantly the user. It is worthwhile to invest a bit of your time, money, and research to choose the right protective wear according to your needs and situation.  Follow the tips above and you will surely get the right protective wear for your occupation.


Do You Need Cleaning Insurance for Your Company?


Professional cleaning solutions, as a business enterprise, never come without dangers. Like any company, you should have protection from risks that may threaten your businesses. The proper cleaning insurance policy can certainly help mitigate the adverse effect of troubles you may possibly deal with in the process. Your workforce may get injured while carrying out their job or get sick when they’re expected to be reporting to do their job. Injuries may also take place so you must be well prepared in case you need to finance the cost of damages, particularly the costly ones.


Your staff cannot take the problem of these unexpected fees which means you will likely need to prepare yourself with an insurance coverage. By ensuring that your insurance plan comes with the policy that are needed, you can have assurance that you will be able to keep your operations even if unpredicted events take place.

Is carpet cleaning insurance really required?

If you have always been thinking whether a carpet cleaning insurance is important, surely, the answer will be indeed yes.

You probably are contemplating that your workers are perfectly-trained for the task entrusted to them. They go through training programs and as well conform to safety procedures. Everyone seems to be mindful while working on their jobs. Still, this does not mean that you as well as your company are safe from any sort of accident. Unexpected events can happen at any moment. So when that takes place, you don’t like to be caught unaware. Most likely you want to be able to help your workers. Utilising proper cleaning insurance, you have a fall back.

Most probably you are bothered that the carpet cleaning quotes is only going to cost you a lot of money. Certainly, it won’t. In case you’re concerned that you will not be ready to pay for its fee, you are able to get cleaning insurance quotes first from insurance companies. You don’t have to dive in immediately. Insurance firms also are open to queries if perhaps you continue to have worries about the procedure.


Who must have Insurance Protection?

If you provide carpet cleaning solutions, it’s likely that you have services like window cleaning, janitorial, or all round cleaning. These services likewise need insurance plan. Also, you can always discuss with the certified insurance team with regards to creating a package that is perfect to meet your needs.

Be cautious which insurance firm to count on

Since the business specialises in providing cleaning solutions, you can also check out a group that specialises in delivering insurance coverage to the cleaning sector. Search for a group that has demonstrated expertise in dealing with businesses offering professional services similar to yours. You can be sure that the group has the ability to deal with your account with care. They understand how your enterprise functions and are even informed about your needs. If you want to process a claim, you are aware that you’d be offered immediate assistance. You’ll not be left hanging.

Having said that, be sure that the cleaning insurance is not hard to get in touch with. Have a look at the other details presented on their website and also test them out even when you’re still checking your alternatives. This is certainly a great way to start evaluating whether you can depend on the firm.