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Weekday Workouts: How to Make Exercising Everyday Happen


The thought of finding time to exercise on weekdays can be overwhelming. Between your morning tasks, lunch meetings, and after-work happy hours, finding time to relax can be quite hard, much more to head to the gym. Still, allotting time to exercise during the week is crucial. Spending 20 minutes of exercise thrice a week is already enough to help you get better sleep and feel less stressed. So if you’re eager to make exercising everyday work, here’s how you can make it happen.


  1. Schedule a Workout Day Beforehand

One of the best ways to make working out daily work is to schedule it in advance. During the weekends, think about the exercise goals you currently have, as well as the things that you want to accomplish in the upcoming week. Most fitness studios in Singapore post a list of their monthly classes online so you’ll be able to see what workout routine is available each week.

If you’re planning to attend two yoga classes during the week, try working around your busy schedule to make it happen. If possible, sign up on class as soon as you can. Plus, the late cancel fee will surely make you think twice of backing out in lieu of enjoying some after-work cocktails.

  1. Prepare Your Workout Gear

Now that you’ve already scheduled your workouts for the week, it’s time to prep up your gear. Make sure to set aside everything thing that you’ll need. If you’ll be hitting the gym on Tuesday and Thursday, then you’ll need to prepare two tops, two sports bras and two pairs of pants (or shorts). Bring out your sneakers and two pairs of socks as well.

If you’re taking yoga classes, prepare your mat beforehand so you won’t end up searching for them at the last minute. Once you’re done exercising, immediately place your dirty clothes in a laundry bag. An extra tip: Pack some protein or granola bars for your snack before or after exercising.

  1. Know What Suits You the Most

If you hate waking up early in the morning, and can barely make it to your office on time, then you won’t probably be too happy about taking an early morning workout. Likewise, if you can’t imagine your workweek without any after-work happy hour, then you won’t be too thrilled to attend a 5:00 p.m. yoga class.


With that in mind, ensure that you create an exercise plan that perfectly works for you. If you have a flexible work schedule, try fitting in some lunchtime workouts. It’ll leave you with more free time before and after your work.

  1. Make Your Workout Interesting

Another way to make working out daily more enticing to you is to change things up. Getting into a workout routine is fine – it’ll keep you on schedule to meet your workout goals. But it’s more exciting to start your week knowing that you’ll be trying something that you’ve never done before.

  1. Recruit a Workout Buddy

Having a workout buddy is another good way to motivate you to exercise each week. Apart from keeping you accountable to show up on your workout classes, it’s more fun to have someone to talk to as you exercise. If you want to be more social, consider looking for fitness meetup groups or running clubs near you. Joining an adult sports league and playing some sports after work is also a great idea.

Working out every day is actually possible. All you’ve got to do is plan everything out – bring a friend or try something new, and you’ll be surprised at how motivated you will be to continue with your chosen workout routine.