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That Cow Power  


There are cultures that revere cows because they symbolize our mothers – who give offs milk. Speaking of cows and culture, there is a farm in America that invests in biogas with the use of cow manure (apologies for those who are eating whilst reading this).


Aside from dairy milk, cows can now contribute to our power supply. Cow manure is pungent and an unpleasant sight but at Homestead Dairy, manure is nothing but money. The farm transforms cow manures into electricity and it paid them handsomely.

The cow manure brought enough electricity to the community. In fact, it powered over 1,000 homes in Plymouth, Indiana. The transformation of cow manure into a biogas that gives off electricity works economically.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the farm, together with others in America can transform cow manure into power. With their joint effort, they can power at least one million homes and cut emissions.


Aside from addressing power supply, the farm made this initiative to take care of the stench. The processing of manure to biogas is in fact an odour control method. In Indiana, we will see livestock farms. These farms store their waste in lagoons and the stench causes a lot of trouble for the people living in the community.

The initiative of the farm inspires others too. Here in Singapore, we are worried about the greenhouse emissions. We have our own ways to cut emissions but it is not enough. Though we have no big livestock farms here, we should think of other ways to help the environment.