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Responsible Gaming Initiatives

So you are a problem gambler, what should you do about it? Do not just sit around and wait for change to come to you. It is important that you address it before it destroys your career and your inter-personal relationships. The first thing that you can do is admit that you have a problem. After that, accept the help of the people around you. You should know that even casinos are trying to help you.


Casinos are serious in spreading awareness for responsible gaming. So, what are the initiatives for responsible gaming? Here’s some:


  • Self-exclusion: Self-exclusion means barring yourself from all the facilities of the casinos. To date, there are many casinos and operators here in Singapore willing to follow this initiative. You only need to apply online using your SingPass. Application is one-time and it is applicable to all participating casinos and operators. It takes great courage to bar yourself from everything that makes you happy but it is a necessary action that you must take.
  • Measures provided by casinos and operators: Responsible Gaming Forum encourages casinos and other operators to join the responsible gaming movement. The organization is keen on endorsing the importance of practices of good gambling. Casinos and operators have their own ways to spread the awareness of responsible gaming to their patrons. One reminder is not to bet illegally.

Responsible gambling is a shared responsibility. It should be shared between the individuals, industry and the government. The government and the industry have done their part. It is time that you do your part. When you are addicted, it is hard to stop but you should have self-control and discipline. It may sound easy having self-control and discipline but it takes a strong spirit to do that.