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The Elements of Chinese and Japanese Gardens

Where do you go when you have time to relax? Some people go to shopping centres while some go abroad. If you are simply happy marvelling over the grandeur of Chinese and Japanese, you should go to their gardens. There are Chinese and Japanese gardens present here in Singapore. You get to enjoy its beauty without spending so much. 


However, you have to be guided that the Chinese and Japanese gardens present in Jurong will undergo a redecoration and refurbishment. The redecoration and refurbishment will include repairs, repainting and fixing of electrical wirings. JTC Corporation will manage everything.

The good news is that you can still go there and enjoy its beauty. You have to be patient though for others parts that are still under repair. Putting that aside, what makes Chinese and Japanese gardens attractive? Here are some elements that make their beauty timeless:


  • Walls: Chinese and Japanese gardens are usually enclosed by walls.
  • Ponds: Inside the walls, you will see many things. The presence of water is the dominant element. There are ponds all around the gardens.
  • Rock works: The rock works should not be missed. Rock works are intricate.
  • Trees and flowers: Gardens will never be complete without the presence of trees and flowers. Both Chinese and Japanese gardens have trees and flowers that make relaxation easy. Japanese calls it Zen style.
  • Pavilions: You will also notice variety of halls and pavilions that are located within the garden. It is connected by meandering paths.

You have to know that Japanese gardens are influenced by Chinese. You will notice that they have the same elements.