Good Reads (1)

Distinguishing Good Books from Bad Books

What comes into your head when we talk about books? I’m pretty sure what comes into your head unconsciously is a specific genre. We all have our preferences and there is no need for us to put a barrier between books. The only distinction we have to make is differentiating the good books from the bad books. The saddest part of reading is finishing a book and realizing it wasn’t that good and you have had wasted your time.

We usually feel the same sort of feeling when we are watching a specific movie. Ever saw a movie that you were dying with expectation to see then somehow it turns out way below your expectation? Well, we can all relate with that feeling. We’ve all experienced it at least once in our lives. When it comes to books, picking out the right books can be the same.

Although not every book is useless, there are some books that have been published just because of the sake of being published and have nothing to do with a talented author. Well, this is the reality we live in whether we like it or not. We just have to accept the fact that there are some publishing companies that aren’t picky when it comes to publishing books. Now, you’ve probably got a clue as to knowing where good books come from.

Well, good books definitely come from good publishing companies. Simple, right!? Although there might still be that needle in the haystack where a certain book slipped the hands of those deciding the quality of the book, these things rarely happen coming from a good publishing company. Most publishing companies devote themselves in publishing a single genre or sometimes related genres.

There are certain publishing companies that publish every single genre out there but then again, they are still mostly known by their popular genres instead of everything. Looking for a good book from your favorite genre to read? Well, now it’s time to find your favorite publisher. Look beyond the book and beyond the author, look at the publisher. People with high standers pride themselves of providing the best since they only allow the best to get through them. These people are called critics.

You should also have a few of your favorite critics! Read the criticism on your favorite book and look for a critic that really speaks to you. That critic will most likely point you in the direction of better books! Nobody is perfect and although of high standard, we still can’t expect perfection from them. They can give us expert opinion, but in the end, the decision making all goes down towards you and no one else.