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What to Do During a Migraine Attack


Migraines can be a lifelong debilitating companion with no permanent cure. Like allergies, they can only be prevented or mitigated. But what if you experience a sudden attack? The process of stopping a migraine when it starts is called abortive treatment. There is no universal formula for an abortive treatment because each migraine attack is unique. There is however a general guide for the abortive stage. Here are the things you should remember.

  • Determine the stage or phase. A migraine attack has stages. Knowing this will help you decide what to do. Take a painkiller at the earliest possible sign. The premonitory stage can manifest in different symptoms for different people. Some signs like aura are not present in others.


  • Find a dark room. When the attack starts, look for a place where you can lie down and turn off the lights, preferably with less distraction and noise. Migraine attacks increase your sensitivity to light and noise. Find a place where you can comfortably sit or lie down.


  • Take off your eyeglasses and earrings. Remove items on your head such as your eyeglasses, earrings, and hair accessories. Sometimes these things can add to the pain. Some people have a sensitive scalp during an attack that even contact with the hair can cause pain.


  • Try to relax and sleep. There are times when you don’t get enough sleep especially when you are working or studying. Do not panic during an attack. If it happens, try to sleep if you can. Rest can help you ride out the pain.


  • Use ice packs or cold compress. Apply a cold compress on your head and neck. This will reduce some of the pain. Hot compress can relax muscles too. Pick the one that works best for you.

  • Take painkillers. Take painkillers at the first signs of an attack. The most common are aspirin, ibuprofen and paracetamol. If taken too late however, the medicine does not usually work well. Triptans are recommended if the over the counter painkillers don’t work. If you can’t swallow or you’re vomiting, suppositories may be an alternative.


  • Relieve other problems. Triptans only target headaches. If other symptoms are present, you might want to take other medications. But these should only be taken if you were advised beforehand by your doctor during one of your previous check-ups.


  • Drink caffeine, but not too much. Caffeine can relieve some of the pain but make sure not to drink too much as this can cause headaches later on.


  • Eat if possible. Some attacks are triggered by having irregular meals. If it’s not too painful to chew food during an attack, try to eat something. Some people vomit during an attack. Don’t force yourself to take food or medicine if you can’t hold it down.


  • Seek medical attention. If the pain has been going on for a long time or if the intensity of the pain is different from the usual, it’s best to call emergency. The migraine attack may be a sign of another illness or it might not be a migraine attack at all.

How to Effectively Reset Your Body Clock


The body clock is your way of knowing when it is time to sleep and to wake up. This is not out of habit or convenience – the body knows when it is time. Your body clock will help you get through any activity good or bad from jet lag to graveyard shifts and insomnia. Sleep schedule is important because it can affect your weight, concentration and mood at the end of the day.

Here in Singapore, a lot of things happen and sometimes your body clock is disrupted. It is a must that you get the rest you need. So, if you are having problems with your rhythms or body clock, it is time that you do something about it. Here are tips on how to effectively reset your body clock:

Avoid blue light

If you want to fall asleep faster, you have to avoid blue light. Blue lights come from electronic gadgets and light bulbs. You will be surprised how blue light can have an impact on your body clock. When it is time to sleep, keep away phone and tablet, turn off TV and dim your lights.

Skip naps

Experts say that napping is not good. Avoid taking them if you can because it can take away you sleep later. If you feel very tired, you can nap but keep it to less than twenty minutes. Do not nap for an hour or so.

Get out of bed

After twenty minutes of turning in and you still cannot sleep, the best course of action is to get out of bed and do something that relaxes you. If you just stare at the ceiling and tossing or turning, it will train your body to always do that before sleeping.

Wake up regularly

You cannot regulate when you fall asleep but you can choose when you start your day. If you wake up at the same time every day, it will train your body to prepare for the day.

Implement bedtime habits

If you really want to help your body relax and sleep, you have to implement bedtime habits. You can start by filtering the noise. You can also keep your room cool and avoid drinking coffee, soda or tea before sleeping. If you have a regimen, never forget it because it is the body’s way of preparing for sleep.

When you work at night, things can be a lot difficult but if you are serious about resetting your body clock, you can do it.

5 Habits to Have to Burn Fats Even When Asleep


Yes, it’s possible! You can burn fats while your body is at rest. However, because of certain things that slow down our metabolism, our body cannot function to its full potential when it comes to burning fats. Here are some simple ways to get boost your metabolism to help shed off some more unwanted fats while you get that much needed good night’s sleep.

  1. Turn Off All the Lights

Do you know that light can be a factor in weight management? Exposure to light can actually hinder you from getting a good night’s sleep, which can result to weight gain because it limits the production of the hormone melatonin—which also promotes production of calorie burning brown fat. So, if your room is exposed to outdoor lights, use black out curtains. Also preferably, turn off your tableside lamps to further improve your sleep.

  1. Power Down the Thermostat

Sleeping in cooler temperature can help burn more fats overnight. According to a research related to diabetes, people who sleep in an environment cooled to 66 degrees lose seven percent more calories while they’re asleep than those sleepers in warmer rooms. One likely reason: the body works harder to raise internal body temperature to reach a stable 98.6 degrees, which therefore burning more calories.

  1. Get 7 to 8 Hours of Sleep

You know you need enough sleep, but oftentimes schedule—or a new episode of your favourite Netflix series—gets in the way. Here’s one motivation to get in bed on time: you burn more calories throughout the day—even when you’re just sitting at your desk—when you get seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Experts said that lack of sleep can make fat cells less sensitive to insulin, which is a metabolic change related to obesity.

  1. Drink Tea Instead of Softdrinks

Swap your soda or canned fruit juice with tea, because these unhealthy drinks are often filled with chemicals and sugar that are bad for your body. Certain teas, like Oolong tea, contain weight loss properties, which help curb hunger hormones and improve your calorie burning abilities to melt down more fats when you’re asleep.

  1. Have Some Dairy

Unlike what you’re always told, dairy could actually improve your metabolism. As long as you’re not lactose intolerant, incorporate dairy products to your daily diet to aid fat loss while you’re asleep. However, make sure you’re drinking milk that contains less or no sugar, and remember that taking too much dairy is still isn’t good, because anything in excess is bad for the health.

If you think there’s no way you could lose weight while asleep, think again. Getting quality shuteye is always beneficial to your overall health, including your fitness and physical well-being.

Easy Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Fitness Class


Attending fitness classes is an awesome way to sweat out and stay fit. It’s social, dynamic and pushes you to the edge.  That said, it’s often tempting to take the easy road when you’re working out with 40 people in the same room. To make the most out of the group environment you’re in, you need to be willing to go the extra mile and here’s how you can do just that.

  1. Enjoy Every Session

Never attend your fitness class when you’re in a foul mood, as it’ll make every minute of working out feel more difficult. Before starting your class, commit to having fun while exercising. Fitness experts say leaving all your stresses at door of your fitness class will help in making the experience more positive.

  1. Make Yourself Known to the Instructor

Going up and introducing yourself to the instructor can be a great idea, especially if it’s your first time to attend a fitness class. Giving the teacher a heads up allows them to give you a few pointers before the class – and perhaps some special attention throughout the class. If you’re too shy to approach him or her before your class, then saying a simple “thank you” after will give your instructor the opportunity to remember you next time.

  1. Give It Your All

When you’re not having a one on one training session with an instructor, it can be quite easy to cheat with your routine by taking a break when things start to get tough. To burn more calories and receive the best possible result, avoid falling into this trap. Give your 100 percent every class, so you’ll feel proactive and have no regrets later on.


  1. Take on the Challenge

Been attending the fitness class for a while now? Then it might be time to challenge yourself by performing some advanced moves. Instructors often offer harder variations of the exercises, so
consider doing them on your next session. This is the only way to challenge your body to grow, as well as to push your limits.

Signing up for a fitness class is one of the best ways to shake up your monotonous workout routine and build different muscle groups in your body. So start making the most out of your fitness classes now by putting the aforementioned tips to work on your next fitness sessions.

Going Vegan: For a Better Version of You


You might be one of the people who is struggling to lose some weight because you easily give in to gastronomic temptations. Well, you know what you are not the only one. How about if we try to go vegan for now and see whether or not we will finally lose some of those excess fat which keeps us away from our dream bikini body.

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Well actually going vegan seems to be a fad now among our favorite celebrities. Are you a Game of Thrones fan? I mean who isn’t anyway. Of course, you are well acquainted with Tyrion Lannister— the little guy with the big (ok wait for it) brains in the show.

Yes, the dwarf. He is definitely a vegan. Now, you might not appreciate his muscles nor his abs but you couldn’t miss his unbelievable wit and extraordinary humor in the show.

Why don’t we find out if going vegan will help us be smarter, healthier and of course the burning most anticipated question that we are dying to know of the real answer is that will it help us be sexier and hotter. Let us all find out, shall we?

First stop, there are a lot of vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber which in turn will help our metabolism speed the process of burning our excess fat. Well, as for veggies, you might consider eating some flowers now; well just kidding but a cup of cauliflowers and broccolis contain 5 grams of fiber. So, it should definitely be included in your grocery list now.


As for fruits anything that has some berries is definitely good for you; yes, all those fruits with berries like strawberries, blue berries and raspberries. They are not only good; they are also tasty especially if you topped them with low-fat milk and chill it. So, the answer is a hundred percent yes.

If you are going to go totally vegan, you will not only help yourself get into that beach body you have always dreamed of but you will also distance yourself from having diabetes or cancer. But of course, let us not forget that no pain is no gain.

There are still certain conditions to be met before we can get maybe half or just some of the oozing sexiness of Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. We definitely have to look for a fun sports or game that we can go crazy about to build some muscles and abs too. Or, we can just hang out in the gym instead.

Trust me, it is all going to be worth it.


Guilt-Free Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


You might be having problems satisfying your sweet tooth while going on a diet. Well, worry no more. Here are absolutely desserts that you’ll definitely want to dig in without worrying about gaining those unwanted calories and fats.

Gourmet Chocolate Covered Strawberries

First stop, strawberries. Go to the nearest supermarket and buy some fresh strawberries and treat yourself with oozing vitamin C goodness. Almost anything goes perfectly well with chocolate therefore we are going to partner our fresh strawberries with some heavenly chocolate.

All you need for this dessert are 2 ounces of high quality dark chocolate and 12 strawberries. (Yep, that’s it.) These are the easy steps to prepare it:

  1. Place the bars of dark chocolate in a bowl and put it on a microwave. Push the medium button and let it heat for one minute or until the chocolate melts. Don’t forget to stir it occasionally. Or, you may just want to heat your boiler and wait until your chocolate melts.

(You might be thinking why on earth you would still go on so much trouble if you could just buy chocolate syrup or something like that. Well, your chocolate syrup has a lot of unwanted calories that we are trying to avoid. This is why we are trying to melt those ounces of dark chocolate instead.)

  1. Next up: wash your strawberries and then place them on a clean paper towel to dry. After that, you may now dip those juicy strawberries and enjoy your dessert pack with healthy dose of vitamin C.

Isn’t it sweet?

Well, here’s more. Let’s try another fruit shall we?

Are you going bananas trying to fit in your classic tiny black dress or maybe you’re going nuts asking yourself why on earth can’t you fit in your favorite jeans? Well, Meghan Trainor would have told you, “Girl, you need to let it go.” Yeah, so why don’t you just let go of your worries first and enjoy another of our fruit desserts.


White bread is a no-no when you’re on a diet. So, instead of cheating on your diet, why don’t you bake our own healthy bread using minions’ favorite food: bananas.

Let’s chop some bananas and mix it with some cute muffins.

Here are the ingredients:

  • 3 large ripe bananas
  • 1 ½ cup of all-purpose flour, sifted
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 5 tablespoon of melted butter
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 12 tablespoons of granulated brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 1 brown egg
  • ½ teaspoon of salt

Now here are the instructions on how we are going to bake some lovely muffins.

First stop let’s peel off the skin of our bananas then let’s mash them whatever way we like. Yes, we’re to use any style we want as long as they are mashed. Set them aside. Next, preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, let’s combine our dry ingredients: flour, baking powder, salt and baking soda in a bowl.

Mix all of them by using a wire whisk. Then set it aside. Now, let’s grab a large mixing bowl and combine our wet ingredients: mashed bananas, butte, egg, vanilla extract and granulated brown sugar. Don’t forget to mix all of them well.

Well, we are now ready to fold-in the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl and be patient for we are going to do this until we will be able to achieve a smooth texture. Look for your lovely paper cups or better yet use some heart-shaped or irregular shaped paper cups to give your muffin a twist. Scoop the mixture that you have prepared in your paper cups.

Be careful with this one because you don’t want to fill your cups completely. It will ruin your muffins. Finally, we are now going to bake it for 13-16 minutes. After which, remove it from the oven. Let your muffins cool for a while by placing it in a wire rack. Save the best for last, dig in and enjoy those muffins packed with healthy banana goodness.


How Call Center Agents Can Stay Fit

A call center lifestyle is not the healthiest type. Employees have to report in for their shifts in the night and take their sleep by day. Many call center agents gain unhealthy weight and also pick up unhealthy habits the more years they spend in the BPO industry. There have already been incidents of call center employees in Singapore – both who looked fit and not – who met their deaths while on the Operations floor. This is an even more compelling reason why call center agents and employees in general should look after their weight and make extra effort on living healthy.


The following are some practical easy to do tips on how call center agents can stay fit:

Avoid Fast Food

Call center offices are surrounded by fast food chains. The operating hours of the call center industry also make the 24 hour fast food chains as convenient sources of food for lunch breaks and snacks. Unfortunately, fast food is your enemy when it comes to living healthy. If you want to take care of your body organs and live a longer life, you can cook your own food to bring for work. This way you’re sure that only the best and recommended ingredients are used in making your food while you get to save some money, too.

Avoid Smoking

Most call center employees are smokers. They litter the smoking areas allotted to them during their 15 minute break times. You’d have a shiver run through your spine as you look at all the crushed cigarette left behind or the amount of smoke they produce while they’re out smoking. We all know that smoking is bad for our health but so is second-hand smoking. Stay away from your smoker friends while they smoke lest you want to inhale those deadly cigarette fumes.


Exercise Regularly

There are fitness centers that partner with call center companies and give employees membership discounts. Some call center companies also provided free use of gyms with training instructors for their employees. When this is the case, the call center employees’ enemy would be none other than their own laziness and lack of motivation for keeping fit.

Standing Up

Sitting for long hours is a silent enemy to healthy living. Studies have shown that long hours of constant sitting can significantly reduce a person’s life span. This is the more challenging part for the call center employees especially the agents. They spend most of the time sitting on their workstations and standing up while navigating at their computer tools while talking to the customer can be quite difficult especially for the older ones. Remember to stand up every now and then and walk even just a few corners during your 15 minute breaks and lunch break.

Sleeping Enough Hours

Having a different sleeping hours from your normal schedule and having different schedules every month or so can ruin a person’s body clock. Unfortunately, this comes as a package the moment you choose to work in a call center. The best way around this is just to ensure that you’re still getting enough hours of sleep every day.


5 Ways to Overcome Sudden Weather Change


Like everything on Earth, change happens to the weather in sudden ways imaginable. You start your day with a sunny morning and ends it up with a rainy evening. Or either ways, you start your day with a heavy rain, and ends it up with hot afternoon. What an inconvenience right? Not only that, this sudden weather change may cause not only simple inconvenience but it also brings unexpected diseases that someone might get due to the shift in weather temperature.


In Singapore, the rise of dengue cases relates to the sudden change in weather that the country currently experiences. Number of cases of dengue add up from day to day. With this situation, how do we cope with the inevitable call of weather? Here are 5 easy ways to deal with sudden weather change like a boss.

  1. Food is everything. What better way to help yourself to be invincible with disease is to be digestively and bodily ready? Eat healthy foods to make your body more ready to fight unexpected harm that the weather may bring. Throw out and stop eating junk foods, fast foods and other unhealthy foods. Return to the old healthy kind of food choices – go and think green!


  1. Being equipped is fantastic. Always come in prepared, whether you are going out to the mall, or just taking your dog to a walk, do not rely on the current weather condition – always see the future. Carry a light weight umbrella wherever you go. With this, either the sun hits you, or the raindrops soak you, you are more than ready to deal with it. Plus, carrying an umbrella is not that big of a deal anyways.


  1. Always be mindful. Your initiative is your best friend. Always see what might be ahead. In this unpredictable changes in weather, dealing with it smartly can save you from getting colds or any disease due to sudden weather change. If you see a dark clouds forming, then you know what to do, and basically know what to bring. If you see scorching hot sun, then you know as well what to do and what to bring. Always keep your mind in an A-game, whether it be dealing with the weather or other things in life.


  1. Get some means – be aware. Get yourself informed. If you’re planning on going outside, make sure that you are able to check the news for current weather updates. Always be guided with what are the recent weather temperature and the chances of raining if there is. A weather news might change your life!


  1. Just stay right where you are – home. Nothing is ever safer than staying at home. If you have nothing important to deal with outside, just stay at home. Feel cozy and you have nothing to stress about whether it rains or its hot outside. Get a blanket, sit in your couch, eat your popcorn and watch your favorite show. Besides, weather won’t directly hit you at home.

Mother at home with children