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How to Start a Home Painting Business

Putting up a home painting business in Singapore can be rewarding and profitable at the same time. It’s also pretty convenient for you since you have all the freedom to set your own working hours and prices, and you will also be your own boss.

Your house painting business can focus on repainting old homes or painting new homes for a general contractor. Another good thing about getting into a business that involves painting services is that it’s still in demand even during difficult economic times since homeowners still tend to repaint their homes before they sell it.


So if you’re planning on starting a house painting business in Singapore, here are some of the things that you need to do to accomplish it.

Select a good business name. Always remember to keep the name of your home painting business simple and easy to remember for the customers. In creating a name for your business, you can use your name or catchy phrase that would best describe the kind of service that you can offer. Decide that you should offer painting services provided at best value in Singapore so that more people will keep coming back to you. After choosing a good name, the next thing that you should do is to get a website address from sites that sell them.

1. Get a permit for your business. Some areas in Singapore would require that you get your home painting business licensed so it would be best that you contact the local business license office in your area and ask if you still need to get your business licensed or do you still need a permit to run your painting services business.

2. Decide on how you’re going to run your business. You should already start thinking about how you’re going to run your business. Should you run it as a sole proprietor or with a business partner? Or are you going to form a corporation? In deciding about this, it would be best that you consult an attorney first so that you’ll have an idea as to what would be the best way to run and manage your business.


3. Purchase the necessary insurance needed in your business. Get the insurance needed for your business like the commercial general liability insurance and the worker’s compensation insurance. The liability insurance can help in protecting your business and in putting your customers at ease. The worker’s compensation insurance, on the other hand, is needed when you’re going to hire employees. It will become essential when accidents will occur on the job since this insurance will help you in avoiding any legal problems.

4. Buy the necessary materials for the business. Start purchasing supplies and equipments that will be needed in your business. It would be better if you buy your items in bulk through an online seller so that you can save some money. Also, visit the local hardware store in your place to purchase items like sprayer, face mask and scaffolding. You should also look for a vehicle that is big enough to carry the equipments that will be needed when you’re going to do painting services.

5. Market your business. One way to get your business known is by marketing it in the most unique way. You can hang some fliers in shopping center bulletin boards or place ads in some local newspapers. Creating leaflets and handing it out to your prospective customers can also help in advertising your business.


Entering into any kind of business including a home painting business is not that easy but by simply following the steps listed above, you can surely put up a business of your own.