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What Your Laugh Says About You

This may sound odd, but you should know that your laugh actually says a lot about you. People have different style when it comes to laughter. For example, there are those who guffaw very hard while there are others who giggle discreetly. Regardless of your style, it will be beneficial if you know what your laugh says about you and how other people see you.


There are many funny things here in Singapore. You are free to laugh when you feel like laughing. You should know that there are many classifications of laugh. Knowing the types of laughter can help you determine the personality of other persons, as well as you own personality.

So, here are the types or classifications of laugh:

  • Guffaw: At first, you laugh discreetly but towards the end, you release a full-blown laughter. This is the characteristic of guffaw. People who laugh like this are said to be naturally fun. Their laughter is very contagious that all people in the room can laugh together with you.
  • Snort: You will notice that there are times that you try to suppress a loud laugh. That is called snorting. People who snort are said to be modest and shy.
  • Giggle: Giggling is not only associated with teens but also with adult people. People who giggle are usually shy; they suppress their laughter because they do not want to appear condescending or rude.


  • Snicker: Snickers are really loud laugh. These people tend to find humour on almost all things. People who snicker is said to be carefree and easy to get along.
  • Mirthless: You can fake laughter so you will not appear impolite or rude. This is called mirthless. These kinds of people tend to laugh with their mouth widely open but their faces are humourless. People who laugh like this are not really fond of jokes or laughing at that matter.

Not all people know the importance of laugh. Believe it or not there are many benefits of laughing. In fact, there are people who consider laugh as an exercise. Are you familiar with laughter yoga? Laughing can improve your breathing and it can lower your blood pressure because it can mobilize the oxygen that pumps in the heart.

Laughing is therapeutical. You can encourage other Singaporeans to laugh and for a moment forget about everything. Go ahead. Laughing is free. If you are still figuring what your laugh sounds like, get the help of other people.