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Possible Two More Planets in the Solar System

According to astronomers, aside from the original eight planets of the solar system, there are two other planets that lie just beyond the orbit of Pluto.


The official planets of the solar system are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and lastly Neptune. The definition of the word “planet” was changed so Pluto is no longer qualified to be called such.

Spanish and British astronomers alike have claimed that there are at least two other planets that can be found beyond Pluto. These claims are based on the findings and calculations that is an unusual behavior in the orbit of distant space rocks called ETNOs or extreme trans-Neptunian objects.


These ETNOs are supposed to be dispersed in a band after 150 Astronomical Units from the Sun. Astronomical Units or AU is used to measure the distance in the solar system. However, observations show that ETNOs behave in the opposite way. The ETNOs are scattered too far away from each other, about 150 to 525 AU in distance and has a different orbital plan than that of the solar system.


To explain this strange behavior of ETNOs, British and Spanish studies suggest that there may be some very large objects that are affecting and dictating the gravitational force of the ETNOs. These large objects in space may be planets.

Some invisible forces may be altering the behavior and direction of the ETNOs, leading the astronomers to believe more planets may lay beyond Pluto’s orbit. Currently, it is still uncertain of the number of possible planets are correct. So far, all they can do is observe and study the behavior of celestial bodies.


What You Need to Know About Changi’s Project Jewel

Passengers are looking forward to the Project Jewel. This project will add more glamour and extravagance to the airport with over $1.47B of budget. It will be completed by the end of 2018. The development is a joint project of the Changi Airport Group (CAG) and the Capital Malls Asia (CMA).


Here are other things that you need to know about the Project Jewel:


  • Venture agreement: CAG and CMA have agreed on their venture. CAG’s Jewel Changi Holding and CMA’s Singapore Investments will establish a private trust together with its trustee and manager which will be called JV entities. CAG will own the majority share at 51% while CMA will have it at 49%.
  • Land area: The project will be erected on the 3.5 hectare car park facing terminal 1. The land has a lease period of sixty years. The lease will expire by the end of 2073. The 3.5 hectare land will feature hotel, retail, leisure activities and the day-to-day operations of the airport.
  • Construction and design: The construction will commence in the second quarter of 2014. As mentioned earlier, it is expected to be completed by the end of 2018. According to the developers, the design will feature steel dome which is covered in glass. Apart from the hotel, retail, leisure activities and airport operations, the project will also feature indoor garden and waterfall.
  • Passenger handling: It is estimated that the project can increase the capacity of the airport to handle additional 3 million passengers per year. Changi’s capacity to handle passengers is currently at 66 million/year.

The development will further strengthen the status of the airport as the leading hub here in Asia and around the world. This will make the travels of the passengers smoother and better.