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5 Must-Read Books to Fuel Your Wanderlust


Books are certainly one of the most selfless and trustworthy guides if you’re looking for a new direction in life. But more often than not, journeying alongside the characters in the story gives you the urge to also travel the world that you come to love. So prepare to book your plane tickets now as the following books fuel your passion to explore new places and experience different cultures.

  1. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is a book that won’t only kindle your wanderlust, it’ll also change you on a spiritual level. Considered as a magnificent work of art, the book effortlessly combines the most mysterious aspects of your being with life as the journey you’re meant to take – a true journey within and out.

  1. Little Princes – Conor Grennan

In this tale’s protagonist, everything started with wanderlust. Conor Grennan, the book’s author, first saw volunteering in Nepal as a way to get out and explore the world. Yet, that same trip to the country sparked his lifelong passion of reuniting the lost children of Nepal to their families and their homeland. Just as how it works wonders to stimulate your travel bug, this tale will surely help in restoring your faith in humanity.

  1. The Beach – Alex Garland

Alex Garland’s first novel centres on a group of young American and European travellers who have come to Thailand to seek for original experiences, as well as landscapes that are still left unspoiled. For the most part, these travellers mean well. Yet, just like any other intruders, they’ll discover that an aggrieved and ancient foreign land isn’t the place that’ll satisfy their longings.

  1. The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost – Rachel Friedman

A smart, witty and light read, this remarkable novel from Rachel Friedman will surely refresh your senses and fill you with excitement for travelling. So if you wish to enjoy a good balance of sarcasm and sincerity that accurately portrays what being a solo female traveller is like, then this book is for you.

  1. The Great Railway Bazaar – Paul Theroux

Filled with a thrilling stock of unknown experiences, The Great Railway Bazaar shows the travelling steps of a man across Europe and Asia (and back again). Touted as the perfect recipe to fuel your wanderlust hunger flame, this book is definitely a brilliant pick for any day.

With a great inspiration also comes great adventure. So start reading through any of these books now and be prepared to go on your own adventure.