Love and Relationships (1)

To All the Broken Hearts

It’s not something we want to highlight in our lives but pretty much at some point we’ve all been through it – that phase when we got our hearts broken. Oh the misery. But this doesn’t only pertain to having a relationship come to an end. This goes to every moment in our lives when we felt so defeated and got our hearts crushed like the first time we received a failing mark in school or the time we got rejected for a job. Yup, those times are indeed heartbreaking.

However, that is just one facade of life. Once we get passed that, everything will be fine again. But just how do we get passed that gloomy part of our lives? Well, it will definitely involve time but there are little ways with which we could put an instant smile in our hearts even just for a short while.

1. Cry it out. Now, now, some may object to this especially our male friends but crying is actually a good way to release all our bottled emotions. Once we’ve unloaded our troubles through a good crying session, we actually feel lighter. Yes, the sadness doesn’t completely go away but at least we feel as if some of the burden was unloaded.


2. Phone a friend. During our saddest times, a dear friend or even a family member could be really a great source of comfort and support. They’re the ones who know us best and love us so much that they would be willing to offer their time to listen to us vent out all the heavy feelings weighing us down. And what’s best is that they won’t even judge us or make any hurtful comments. All they will do is simply listen and console us.

3. Food is comfort. When the crying and the venting out are not enough, there’s always food to comfort us. Never underestimate the healing powers of food as it can instantly make us feel a little better. Just order up a favourite food and let it temporarily make us forget about that bad memory causing us much sadness.