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Singapore’s Elevator Law

We all know the famous chewing gum law in Singapore. What about the elevator law? Probably, many people don’t know it. Actually, the elevator law is closely linked with the chewing gum law. It talks more about taking care of the environment.


Why there is this elevator law?

During the past years, Singaporeans are not well-disciplined which made the country a miserable place to live. In fact, garbage are anywhere around the country and nobody cares about it. The elevator law was implemented because there are so many complaints that are received by the Singapore government. The complaints were made because there are many Singaporeans who keep on peeing on the elevator. Thus, made the government and its citizens pissed off.


How was it implemented?

The elevator law was implemented strictly. In fact, aside from the closed circuit television (CCTV) that is installed on the elevator in the country, they also installed a Urine Detector Device (UDD). UDD can detect the smell of the urine. When the device identified that there is urine content inside the elevator, the elevator will automatically lock and will set an extremely loud alarm that will caught the attention of many.

The only way to get outside the elevator is to admit your fault. Once you are locked inside the elevator, police will rescue you and will put you in jail. However, aside that you will be jailed; you might be fined with a large amount of money. Because and fines and punishment is very brutal, it’s better to think first of what you are going to do.

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Forbidden Items in Singapore

Once you are going to step the lovely island of Singapore, you need to acquire a permit with complete authorization and documents so that there will be no wasted time on your vacation. In Singapore, there are a many goods that are not allowed. One example of this is the possession of chewing gums.


Any individual who visit Singapore should follow this rule to avoid expenses. This is because bringing, eating and selling of chewing gums are strictly prohibited because there are fines and penalties that are imposed. However, if chewing gums are needed for your medication, bring all documents or prescriptions that will certify that you are using gums as a cure for your illness.

Prohibited items in the country include:

  • Imitation tobacco items – Tone example if this is electronic cigarettes. Even if it is said that it has nothing to do in a person’s health it is still not allowed in the country.
  • Cigarette lighters – Lighters especially of pistol design is strictly prohibited because it can be used by children as a toy which may sometimes cause serious accidents.
  • Illegal drugs and other related substances – All countries around the world ban the use of illegal drugs because it is extremely harmful to the health.


  • Transporting endangered species – This will have great impact on the environment if this will continue.
  • Firecrackers – These are also dangerous products that can hurt humans. It is banned in the country because there are a lot of children are victims of firecrackers.

Other items like scandalous publications and tapes are not allowed and thus it must have permit to carry.