Romantic Holiday (1)

Prices to Choose for a Sweet and Romantic Night


Out of budget this coming holiday? Well, not a problem anymore because this article will tackle about the different prices to have a fruitful night together with your partner of perhaps best friend. If you want to surprise anyone and you don’t have any idea on where to go and what to do, try these places and choose the prices that will fit your budget.

If you and your partner are craving for dessert, then Häagen-Dazs is perfect for both of you. Chocolates, Ice creams are their specialty in the house. However, desserts are not your type, you can always go and try foods are Casa Verde, they serve here a sweet picnic basket which consists of chicken nuggets (6 pieces), pizza (6 inches) and a case or a package of drinks and fruits just for the two of you.


If you want a unique night out, experience the Mexican dishes of Lower East Side Taqueria. They serve here there famed pibil chicken pollo that is marinated in different spices and grilled. Aside from having a good dinner, you will also enjoy watching famous Mexican movies.

You want burgers? What about donuts? Well, get it at the Roadhouse. Aside from donuts and burgers, they also offer dishes like coconut-crusted, mussels and more. You want to add more spice? Visit Cocotte. This is the home of freshly-made grilled mustard chicken. Also, aside from serving this delightful dish, they also serve cherry chocolate cake.

When you need a different taste, treat yourselves with the Japanese and Mediterranean aromas that 21 on Rajah serve. Dishes like salted seaweed, poached egg and miso-coated halibut is only few dishes that are top-listed in their menu.