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Advantages of Internet Fax Over Standard Fax Machines


How many times have we used the fax machine to send or receive documents? If you are an office person or a student, probably, you have already used it many times. If you are a person who is very fond of advanced technology, you might have heard about internet fax already. If you haven’t heard it yet, then you have to discover this! This is the newest addition to office technology that can make your faxing tasks a lot easier and faster.


How Often People Use Fax Machines?

Before we start to discuss the latest faxing services offered these days, let us first know how often people use fax machines for sending and receiving files. While email has already been existing for a long time, the need to use fax machines has not changed. There are still documents out there that can’t just be sent through your Gmail or Yahoo accounts. Of course, sending those documents through Facebook chat or Skype file transfer is also a big no! This is the reason why there are many people who still resort to the use of these relatively big machines – fax machines.

If you are a working person and you are assigned to be working in the office (not in the field), then you will see that offices still have their fax machines. This just proves that even until today, people are still relying to fax machines to get documents sent or received.


Why It Is Not Recommended To Use Fax Machines?

While fax machines are undeniably important and useful, using these are no longer recommended these days. There are brand new ways to receive and send facsimiles today without having the need to use and operate these machines. We will tell you how we can do it in the later part of this article. For now, let us just focus to the question “Why we should not use fax machines any longer?”

If you have been using fax machines for a long time, you might have wished to have a better alternative to this. Fax machines are space consuming. It is because they are relatively large compared to other equipment. Instead of placing a fax machine in your desk or office, why not use the space for something more worthwhile? Another thing is that operating a fax machine gives you hassle. There are just machines out there that are just too complicated to operate that you would wish to no longer use them in the future.


Starting Your Own App


Mobile technology, indeed, has come a long way. From being a simple idea to becoming at the top of current marketing strategies employed by companies, it has kept people from around the world very much connected with each other. It is now even made possible to share contents, upload photos and videos, update social media network accounts, and more using your smart gadgets.


Nowadays, companies can’t just rely on the traditional way of marketing. Although it still works as it’s able to reach a lot of people, companies do need to follow the latest trend in marketing. And by latest trend, we mean making an online presence through various social media networking sites. Not only that, a lot of companies, regardless if start-up or not, are gaining popularity in the world of mobile technology as they launch mobile applications for people to download and use.

When a company launches a mobile application as a result of planning and app development, it is a way of marketing. In a world where people are very much into using their smartphones and gadgets nowadays, it is best to take advantage of it by launching a mobile app that increases their company’s exposure and sales. Although traditional marketing strategies still works, it helps that the company is up to date with the latest methods other businesses use.

You are on the right track if you leap into starting and completing a mobile app development project. Other companies and it surely did help raise their brand’s exposure in the local and global marketplace. However, the question is, would you opt to hire a mobile app developer to be an in-house employee to oversee the completion of the project? Or would it be best to just outsource and get the services of a qualified development firm?


Hiring an App Developer as In-House Employee

If you decided that it’s a better decision to go with an in-house developer to do the project then that’s great. There are many benefits as well when you hire an app developer to be an in-house company employee because you can monitor the progress of the project. You can immediately tell him your idea and he can just advise you on the improvements he did on your idea to make it possible for a mobile application.

Outsourcing and Getting the Services of Qualified App Developers

However, it is important to keep in mind that app development isn’t an easy task. In fact, it is tedious work so most companies opt for just outsourcing to get mobile application done on the agreed time period. For most developers, the job is just right because there’s no easy or too difficult program to do. But because of their expertise, they are able to take on all the technical difficulties of planning and setting up the application.

As a client company, it is up to you whether you prefer to hire an in-house app development employee or choose to just get the services of a firm. Whichever you feel and think would be the right choice then pick it. As long as the mobile application product gets delivered on time then everything is good. Just make sure that whoever you pick, the developer or development firm would be credible and can really provide the necessary service for delivering the app paid for by the client company.


Everything You Need to Know about FES Watch  


You are a timepiece fanatic. You poured a lot of money for a timepiece like wristwatches. Many people will tell you that that is madness but what do they care if it makes you happy? Speaking of wristwatches, you will be happy to know that there is a new design of wristwatches developed by a subsidiary of Sony.


Knowing that it is Sony, you will be assured of its quality. The wristwatch is called FES Watch which is an e-paper timepiece. The concept was first introduced last year at Makuake – a Japanese crowdfunding site. Sony later expanded the concept to a crowdfunding portal – First Flight. The good news is that this month, it is available for release although a limited one and only in Japanese stores.

You should not over-expect though. FES Watch is not a smartwatch. It is in essence just a watch that can tell you the time. Despite its simplicity of design, it is expected to hit the market and make a mark after its launch. If you want to purchase one, there are only two stores in Japan that you need to consider.

You need to head to The MoMa Design Store located at Omotesando with initial launching on November 21, 2015. Another store will offer FES Watch – Shinjuku’s Isetan with launching on December 1 onwards. Other electronics stores in Tokyo are left out for the meantime. If you are not within the two stores identified earlier, you can still purchase at First Flight. The shipping is every Saturday.


Although Sony did not mention further plans to offer FES Watch to other stores in Japan and abroad, you can be at ease because it will eventually get here. The cost of the watch (tax inclusive) is ¥29,700 or $242. Why should one consider it? Well, the wearers have the opportunity to alter not only the watch’s face but also the pattern of the strap. Many watch have this kind of service but what stands out? The watch face and the strap is made of e-paper tech.

It does not end there because the watch boasts of two year battery life and the most important of them all – it is waterproof. Knowing its price, it is not that expensive since it is not trying to be a smartwatch in the first place.

Sony is proud of another milestone especially that it embodies the founding essence of “doing what has never done before”. With this, you can only wait for it to be available here in Singapore.