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Project Spartan: What to Expect?  


By now we already know that Microsoft moved past with Internet Explorer. Microsoft officially introduced a new browser, named Spartan. This browser will enhance browsing experience for Windows 10 users here in Singapore with its fast and compatible system. It is indeed built for modern web browsing. Singaporeans are excited for Spartan because of its features that will enable us to do cool things.


The details of Project Spartan were concealed on January 21, 2015. Windows are happy because of the excitement and interests of patrons for the new browser. On March 30, 2015, Windows is gratified to announce that users here in Singapore and around the world can experience Project Spartan. Windows is offering a new Windows 10 Technical Preview build for PCs. If we want to know details about this, we should join the Window Insider Program.

It is also crucial that we know what we are dealing with. So, here are some things that we should expect from Project Spartan:

  • Cortana: If there is Siri in iPhone, there is Cortana in Spartan. Cortana is a built-in personal assistant that can make browsing easier and more accessible for us. Cortana will gladly help based on what she knows and how she can get our work done. She is in the background but when the time comes that we really need her, she will provide additional information – this alone makes our browsing more efficient and easier. For initial release, it will only be available in America but it will be widely available later.


  • Inking: We use the web to share our thoughts, information, comments and questions with our colleagues and friends. Spartan knows the importance of this so it banked on its inking capabilities. Inking capabilities will let us type directly on the page then easily share notes thru social network or email.
  • Reading List and Reading View: Sometimes we are overloaded with contents that we do not know where to start. Spartan knows this so it developed a distraction-free reading. Spartan has this Reading List that can collect all the things that we want to read. It will also let us save any webpage so we can conveniently access it later. Reading View can help by focusing on the content.
  • Rendering engine: Spartan boasts of a fast, secure and reliable rendering engine.

To make things short, Spartan is a browser that enables easy sharing, reading and getting many things done online. The features mentioned above are only a part of the whole package. Other features will be announced later and this is not yet polished. We have to see in the future for the finalization of Spartan.


Singapore Beat Making – Do not Add Extra Beat

Almost all musicians in Singapore were born with different rhythm and style. Moreover, they differ in the level of difficulty on terms of the musical instruments they play. For beginners, beat-making is a tough mission to surpass. Beginners usually scratch their heads keeping on the beat they want to create.


But when you are dedicated to do things possible, you can actually be a professional beat-maker. And who knows? You can be as famous and as rich like a successful businessman. Beginners usually learn beat-making techniques through the internet. With so many online beat-maker software available today, you cannot resist to learn.

Beat-makers online allows everyone (whether music lover or not) to learn the basics as well as the advanced techniques in beat-making. In beat-making, you don’t have to be too much. Learning to add drama on your beat makes you popular to all. Sometimes, beat-makers create their beat too vague. To be original in your work, do thing simplest thing because simple means more creative.


However, do not overdo it. If you can’t avoid it, or if you are doing it maybe more than a year, the best advice to follow is to listen to other beats. You have to put yourself first to the listener’s side so that you can understand why they make negative or positive comments.

Avoiding overdoing such will allow you to see the difference of your work from other works. Try to search online. There are online beat-makers that offer free music or beat. There are a lot of free sample works online that you might like or listen. To excel in beat-making, avoid repetitions as possible and escape from the work like “adding extra beat”.