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Singapore’s Friendly Chinese Restaurants

Singapore has different ethnic groups like Japanese, Armenian, Shanghainese, Javanese and Arab.  With a mixture of different races and tribes, Singapore is more common to Chinese food even if British colonized them for long period of years because majority of the population on the country are Chinese.


1. Cherry Garden – If you want an elegant and fine dining, Cherry Garden offers you their best Chinese cuisine and with varied choices of Cantonese cuisine. Their most-remembered dishes are wasabi prawns, double-boiled soup and Bbq meat platter. Also, they serve brunch with good services and accommodation.

2. Crystal Jade Golden Palace – Sounds expensive, right? Yes! It is! Fine dining and elegant services together with Teochew and Cantonese food is what Crystal Jade Golden Palace offer. Apart from their extraordinary services, they also serve food with a twist.

3. Imperial Treasure Shanghai Cuisine – Who says that pig’s ears are not served in restaurants? At Imperial Treasure Shanghai Cuisine, pig ears are one of their top-rated dishes. Also, many people love their traditional serving of Shanghainese cuisine such as their sticky rice and crab with cream.

4. Hai Di Lao – Hai Di Lao serves a very affordable dish such as soup and popular sea foods which include mashed shrimp and home-made tofus.

5. Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant – When you want something good, Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant is the one to visit. Here, they serve different dishes with classy styles. One of their best dishes is fried century egg, custard bun,  nicely minced shrimp and many more.