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Everything You Need to Know about FES Watch  


You are a timepiece fanatic. You poured a lot of money for a timepiece like wristwatches. Many people will tell you that that is madness but what do they care if it makes you happy? Speaking of wristwatches, you will be happy to know that there is a new design of wristwatches developed by a subsidiary of Sony.


Knowing that it is Sony, you will be assured of its quality. The wristwatch is called FES Watch which is an e-paper timepiece. The concept was first introduced last year at Makuake – a Japanese crowdfunding site. Sony later expanded the concept to a crowdfunding portal – First Flight. The good news is that this month, it is available for release although a limited one and only in Japanese stores.

You should not over-expect though. FES Watch is not a smartwatch. It is in essence just a watch that can tell you the time. Despite its simplicity of design, it is expected to hit the market and make a mark after its launch. If you want to purchase one, there are only two stores in Japan that you need to consider.

You need to head to The MoMa Design Store located at Omotesando with initial launching on November 21, 2015. Another store will offer FES Watch – Shinjuku’s Isetan with launching on December 1 onwards. Other electronics stores in Tokyo are left out for the meantime. If you are not within the two stores identified earlier, you can still purchase at First Flight. The shipping is every Saturday.


Although Sony did not mention further plans to offer FES Watch to other stores in Japan and abroad, you can be at ease because it will eventually get here. The cost of the watch (tax inclusive) is ¥29,700 or $242. Why should one consider it? Well, the wearers have the opportunity to alter not only the watch’s face but also the pattern of the strap. Many watch have this kind of service but what stands out? The watch face and the strap is made of e-paper tech.

It does not end there because the watch boasts of two year battery life and the most important of them all – it is waterproof. Knowing its price, it is not that expensive since it is not trying to be a smartwatch in the first place.

Sony is proud of another milestone especially that it embodies the founding essence of “doing what has never done before”. With this, you can only wait for it to be available here in Singapore.


Reasons to Consider Having a Thermal Flask


You may call it a flask but Brits call it thermos. Flask refers to a container that takes a form of a flattened bottle which is used to carry alcohol and other beverages. You see flask carried by most women here in Singapore but you should consider it a gentleman’s accessory too.


If you want to try a thermal flask for once in your life, you have to know that Nisnas Industries, a Boston lifestyle company, already introduced Kole. Nisnas Industries is proud to tell the world that Kole is moulded and designed stylishly for a gentleman’s use.

Here are the reasons why you should consider Nisnas Industries’ Kole thermal flask:

  • Shape: You do not consider a thermal flask because it is bulky. It is true that most of thermal flasks are bulky but not Kole. Kole takes pride in its aerodynamic shape that makes it the world’s most compact flask. Its sleek shape makes it a perfect accessory.
  • Materials: The materials used are not your materials used in a flask. The materials are picked to elevate the looks of the Kole. The designers use smooth wood finish plus a stainless steel cap. The thermal flask is a beauty and everyone will be surprised to discover you have a morning espresso or a whisky in there (although espresso is recommended since you are going to work).


  • Ease: It was mentioned earlier that its shape is sleek and compact. You can use it with ease without thinking of it occupying much space in your bag or luggage. In fact, Kole is so sleek that it can fit in your vest pocket. If you put it in your vest pocket, it is very easy to use it simply by reaching it. You will no longer to scour your things.
  • Partners: Nisnas Industries is not only for profit because it is also concerned with the things happening around.Nisnas Industries collaborated with Israel’s Social Economic Academy. This means that a portion or percentage of the profits will be instrumental in battling income inequality in Israel as well as Palestine.

The Kole flask costs $78. For this cost, you know that you helped a lot of people in Israel and Palestine. Although it is not yet domestically available here, if you want to order, you have to check Nisnas Industries’ page and possibly arrange it to be transported here in Singapore.

The Kole is stylish as well as functional so it should be considered. It is high time that you consider it.


Health Screening: Cholesterol and Your Child

While health screening is important for adults to detect age-related health complications, children also need an appropriate health screening package to monitor their physical health status. And one of the health screening tests that should be included in such screening packages is the cholesterol level test.

Many parents in Singapore think that the fat buildups of their children are simply “baby fats” that they will eventually outgrow upon reaching physical maturity. Though this may be partly true, your child’s cholesterol level should still be controlled as it can contribute to development of stroke and heart disease in the future.

Blood Test


Cholesterol is one of the lipids, or fats, produced by the liver that is used to make cell membranes and some hormones. The liver can already make enough cholesterol to keep the body running smoothly. The cholesterol from the food your child eats is considered excess and may potentially build up in a harmful amount. The most common foods that your child eats that contains cholesterol are meat, seafood, poultry, egg yolk, and dairy products like ice cream, cheese, and milk.

Good and Bad Cholesterol

In the human body, there are two types of cholesterol: low-density lipoprotein or LDL, and high-density lipoprotein or HDL.

  • Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL) – this type of cholesterol is well-known as the “bad cholesterol” and is the primary cholesterol carrier. High level of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream can clog the arteries that deliver blood and oxygen to the heart and brain. This can be checked when you sign up for health screening packages in singapore to check your health. When LDL builds up in the artery walls, this will create plaque that can cause the blood vessels to become even narrower or blocked, which can result to stroke or heart attack if not treated immediately.
  • High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) – Also known as the “good cholesterol,” HDL carries the cholesterol away from the arteries and into the liver. It may even help eradicate cholesterol buildup from areas of plaque.


Monitoring and treating High Cholesterol

Singapore medical experts suggest that all children should be screened for cholesterol level at least once at ages between 9 and 11, and once more between ages 17 and 21. However, if your child is at risk for developing cholesterol associated health problems, he should undergo cholesterol level health screening when he’s between 2 to 8 years old, and 12 and 16 years old. Cholesterol health screening package test is recommended for children who:

  • Have a parent or close relative with high cholesterol level or obese
  • Have family history of cardiovascular ailment before reaching the age of 65 in women and 55 in men
  • Have existing medical conditions, such as Kawasaki disease, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, or kidney disease
  • Are obese or overweight
  • Have additional risk factors, such as high blood pressure or diabetes

Your child’s doctor may require a simple blood test, usually after fasting (no eating and drinking, except water, for 12 hours), to determine whether your child’s cholesterol level is high. When screening cholesterol levels with healthy kids, a non-fasting method can be applied.

Children with LDL levels of 130 mg/dL or higher should have nutritional counseling that concentrates on reducing dietary cholesterol and increasing physical activity. After the specialized dietary program, which typically lasts for three to six months, they will undergo cholesterol health screening again.

Extensive medication might be done to children aged 10 and older with LDL levels of 190 mg/dL or greater if changes in diet and physical activities doesn’t work. For children with additional risk factors, nutritional counseling and medication may be done simultaneously at even lower cholesterol levels.


Habits to Become Super Rich and Successful

This year is almost over and some people have already started discussing on their New Year’s resolution. Most common topics are about travel goals and weight loss but why not try something different and talk about the habits and how successful and super rich people do. Lifehack, an entertainment and news site talked about habits of the richest and successful people in the world.

According to Lifehack, these habits could help a person to become successful and rich if followed. The first habit is goal-setting. The rich and successful do not become who they are today if they are doing nothing. Billionaires like Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich and American Philanthropist Warren Buffet built their fortunes by working hard and setting goals for themselves.

It just shows that everything is achievable if we set our mind to it. Another is to focus on one item at a time which is likely to be an important trait. After setting goals, focus your attention at the most specific thing that you could do and think that you could possible achieve.

Be only satisfies if you have already made it. Rich and successful people have respect for the society. Tycoons and influential people in the world respect their time. They spend it but do not waste it by making the most out of every minute. Another habit form rich people is doing humanitarian activities said Lifehack.

Wealthy people are always on the front page when it come to donations and helping people for various causes. But be sure to do it genuinely and not just to let other people see because the true wealthy and successful men does not always talk about riches and achievements but it is all about character and heart.



Multi-Cultural and Economic Reasons Why Immigrants Move to Singapore

A course of dialogue discussions between the immigrant and local societies in Singapore has thrown up findings on what persuades migrants to come to Singapore. The Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) of the Lee Kuan Yew School for Public Policy held these sessions and was backed up by the National Integration Council. _65925779_65925778

Good and Bad Side of a Modern Country

The IPS said at the conference that immigrants’ main consideration for coming to Singapore is its promise of better financial status. They see and brand Singapore’s secular nature by its becoming a multi-cultural, intercultural harmony in citizenship but immigrants did have concerns on Singapore’s way of life. The findings in the dialogue revealed affirmed that Singapore was seen as a fast-paced and aggressive city being highly competitive which makes it to have a high cost of living than the places they had come from.

Difficulties of Incoming Immigrants

Singapore’s multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-lingual aspects of living are new for some immigrants. “The set of dialogues we have done were a wonderful opportunity for immigrant association leaders and local community leaders to talk about some of the struggles and concerns which were difficult for immigrants when they came to Singapore,” said Dr. Matthew Matthews, one of the researchers in IPS.

Mingling Despite Different Attitudes


Immigrants consider Singaporeans as reserved and distant but getting along with them through school, work and sports gives close relations that could be built. New immigrants who started to have their family live in Singapore with young ones found out the adaptability with what their children seem to show as they fit in the society.

Competition in the Workplace

The study also showed that some Singaporeans find uneasiness about the immigrants being in the workplace, education and housing sectors for sometimes they were being considered as competitors in these sectors. On the other hand, many immigrants were grateful about Singaporeans transparency in the government, their social circle and workplace as well as other conveniences that are obtainable for them because of the fair judicial system. There are about 53 associations which administer new immigrants in Singapore as said by the IPS.


Relationship Status: Single

According to the population statistics, there is an increase in the number of single men and women in Singapore who choose to be single. Singaporean single male’s ages 30-34 boost from 33 percent to 43 percent and from 22 percent to 31 percent Singaporean single females.


In the midst of the increase of single men and women in Singapore is the decline of the birth rate of the country.  To solve this problem, many Singaporean campaigns are launch to have babies and to push for marriages. These campaigns should focus on those individuals who prefer to stay single than to be married:

1. The Career Oriented People

Some people prioritize their careers too much.  They give importance on the fulfilment of their dreams and they believe that having a family of their own may hinder them of fulfilling it.

2. The Commitment Phobic

There are some people, who don’t want anyone to interfere their usual life, which they believe will demand them more time, love, care and affection. They also prefer to think about themselves rather than the needs of others.

3. The Family Bread Winner

Those people who need to support his/her family and sacrifice their love life, just for the sake of the family’s exigency.


4.  The Dismayed to Love Again

There are some people who are so afraid to fall in love again because of their past experiences. Being in a previous relationship, that just gave them pain and suffering, made them to come up with a decision that they will never go into a relationship again.

5. The Mirthful Single

These are people who know the drawbacks of being single, but still choose it than being married. They also want to have the freedom of mingling around and have their own adventure.

Singapore Taxis ranked as 8th Best in the World

While there may be complaints about the deficiency of the number of taxis in the country during rush hours, Singaporeans rate their local cabs as the best in the world according to a global survey. Even though the rest of the world does not agree – 2,600 respondents from 30 different countries were asked – our cabs still came out as the 8th best in the world.


Happy About Our Cabs

Singaporean respondents’ ranked local cabs as the most safe and cleanest, while our cab drivers were commended for being friendly and for having a wide knowledge of local areas and for their quality of driving. Even though London cabs were ranked no. 1, Singapore taxis made it on the eighth place. More than half of the respondents reported opting to ride a taxi rather than taking the bus or train, renting cars or walking.

Good, But Not Perfect

Singaporean passengers spend an average of S$50 to S$100 a month for riding a taxi. Singaporeans also found negative experiences on local taxis like failing to book taxis via hotlines or other apps. Many also said that there are many txt drivers who are not that familiar on which way or route they would take and some drivers refuse to take up passengers.


What Goes Inside

Despite the negative reasons, local passengers said that they spend most of the time of texting, phone calls, catching up on a sleep and doing their emails upon riding taxis. Most women do their make-up inside and some also admitted that they are having a kiss at the backseat of the taxi and sharing a ride with a stranger.


Ways to Improve

Of the taxi wish list service, Singaporeans desired to have a WIFI inside the taxi, next will be reclining of flat seats and the use of value payment cards. More than one fifth of global votes make London to have the no. 1 taxi in the world, then New York followed by taxis in Tokyo and Berlin.

Knowing the Risks of Getting Pregnant Beyond 40

Liu Ling Ling, a 50 year old singer here in Singapore claimed that pregnancy and giving birth did more good than harm. She claimed that her health improved after giving birth. Although she may feel that, obstetricians and gynaecologists remind women that pregnancy beyond 40 carries risks.

Indeed, age affects pregnancy. Today, there are many women who are delaying conception until they are in their middle or late 30s. Older women have good chances of healthy pregnancy however, as we grow old, there is an increasing risk of developing chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. These diseases can complicate the whole thing. Do not worry because you can also increase your chances of delivering a healthy baby. Here are some things that you can do:


Regular Check-Ups

If you know that you are pregnant, it is imperative that you always visit your doctors and monitor your condition. If you have chronic diseases, your doctor will stay ahead of that condition to ensure that you are safe and the baby. You should follow the recommendations of your doctors.

Prenatal Tests

There are special tests that are recommended for older mothers. Your doctors will recommend special tests that can determine the risks of having a child with defects. If your doctors are not mentioning any tests, you should discuss it to ensure the condition of your baby.

Prenatal Vitamins

All women, regardless of their age should take vitamins. The vitamins should at least contain four hundred micrograms of folic acid. It is very crucial that you take folic acid every day especially during the first three months because it can assist in the development of the baby’s spinal cord and brain.

Diet and Exercise

If you have high blood pressure or diabetes, of course you have to be conscious about what you eat. You need to eat right not only for your sake but for your baby. Ask your nutritionist what foods you need to consume. Exercise is important too. You can ask your doctor what exercises you can do.

Coping with Childhood Abuse

In a perfect society, no child will suffer abuse in any form. But we don’t live in a perfect world, and apart from being vigilant against abusive acts, the best thing we can do is to help any victim cope with what he or she has experienced. If you know any child who has been abused, consider doing the following to help him or her:


1. Encourage

You have to encourage the child to tell you whatever happened. Your child may be afraid to tell you something but you have to assure him/her that it is okay to talk about it.

2. Comfort

No matter how angry you become (with the abuse or abuser not the child), it is important that you comfort your child. Your child should know that you are readily available anytime they need to talk about it.

3. “Not Your Fault”

Some children do not talk even if the abuser is reprimanded because they thought that it is their fault and they caused that. Affirm that whatever happened is not his/her fault.

4. Report

You need to make an action. You should do your best to help the child. The first steps are to report the abuse and contact the people who can effectively help the child. If the abuse happened in school, contact the principal.

5. Build a Support System

The most important thing in the world is letting the child know that you are always there for him/her. Other friends, family and medical professionals can help you strengthen support system. You have to consider counselling and other treatment to help the kid get through the abuse.

Reminder: The Coverage of Smoking Ban

We do not need to be reminded often what smoking can do to our body. It can affect the smoker and the people around who are innocent of only inhaling the air. The government is doing its best to discourage the people from smoking thus the smoking ban here in Singapore. But despite the ban and the information drive of the ill effects of smoking, it cannot be totally eradicated.


The smoking ban in Singapore was first implemented last October 1970. The smoking ban during these days covers selected areas. Smoking is banned in public transports, shelters and toilets. Last July 1, 2007, the ban included entertainment outlets like the pubs, bars, discos, lounges and night clubs. Despite of the ban, the law permits for the construction of designated smoking rooms.

Moreover, last January 2009, the ban covered children’s playgrounds, exercise places, ferry terminals, offices, shops, shopping malls and lobbies. To date, there is a campaign for a Tobacco free Singapore. The campaign is spearheaded by medical professionals, professors and other civil servants; these people promote the phasing out of Tobacco. Not all people welcomed this campaign.

If you are found smoking in “non smoking” areas, you will be fined. There is a minimum fine of S$200 up to S$1000 if found guilty. The managers on the other hand are not an exemption; for the first offence, managers are fined S$200 and for the succeeding offence, they should pay S$500. You should strictly follow the smoking ban or you will be punished. It is always better if you abandon this unhealthy lifestyle if you want to live long. You can get out from smoking if you are that serious. Good luck!