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What Makes A Good Wedding Live Band?

Having a wedding live band is now a trend in entertaining guests in Singapore wedding receptions. And if you opt for this kind of entertainment, you have to know first what qualities your chosen band should possess. Take time in visiting one of your prospect band’s gigs or ask if you can watch one of their practices. Observe how they perform and keep in mind these qualities of a good live band that will help you choose the right entertainment group for your wedding live music.


1. Personality

While watching the band performing on stage, you should be able to tell their kind of personality. Are they friendly? Humorous? Do they make connections with the audience? Do they make you feel comfortable? Do they have to power to impose energy and vibe to everyone? Consider checking on these things because most likely that’s how your party going to be on the actual day of the event.

2. Confidence, Energy and Passion

The wedding live band should be able to perform comfortably on stage. You can tell if the band, especially the vocals, is confident enough if they do constant interaction with the audiences. They should be able to affect the energy of the crowd and liven up the room’s energy. Also observe if the band gives their best in every song they play. Some bands just want everything to be done, get paid, and pack away. You have to be very keen in observing every band’s body language and attitude towards their audiences.

3. Reliability

All well-reputed bands won’t hesitate to provide list of past clients who you can call for references. After having the list, call a couple of those people and ask whether if the wedding live music band by Ruth in Singapore is a reliable group or not. Do they come on time? Did they come with all the equipment and back up equipment needed in case of last minute problems? Did they follow all of the agreed terms and play well the client’s requests? Things like these should be asked ahead of time to avoid unwanted surprises on the actual day of the event.


4. Adaptability

You would probably want a band that will listen to your wants and needs, take note of your requests and suggests ideas to enhance the overall performance value. Observe their attitude towards you and make phone calls to some of their past clients asking about how the band adjusts to the crowd and how they affect the energy of the room.

5. Special Skills

Do you want colourful lights in your venue as the dancing and the party heats up? If so, hire a band that can also provide you with disco balls and laser lighting systems. Or maybe you want a musical and comedy night at your party? Hire a band with a comedian vocalist to keep your guests laughing as they party all night long.

If you want great wedding live music entertainment, wedding live band Singapore agencies can help you search for the best wedding live band. They can provide you a list of the best wedding live band according to your wants and needs.