Common Injectable Filler Problems and Ways to Deal with Them

Injectable fillers are not all advantages and benefits. If misused, it will worsen the appearance of your face instead of improving it. To help you resolve your injectable filler ordeals, here is a list of the possible problems or side effects that you might experience from using the products, as well as the ways on how you can possibly prevent or fix them.

1. Excessive Bruising

Injecting fillers – face and nose fillers alike – usually causes a little bruising or small red spots in the particular area, but with a little knowledge on how to prevent it and a good aesthetic clinic or injector, the incidence of bruising can be minimized.

Fix It: Other than covering it with makeup, bruising after injecting Juvederm or Restylane can’t be cured nor fixed. So instead of dealing with bruising post-operation, the best way to rid of it is to prevent it beforehand. It’s possible to prevent it by avoiding aspirin and similar medicines. Another way to prevent excessive bruising is to take arnica a day prior to your appointment.

2. Asymmetry or Lop-Sided Face

Each of us have a natural asymmetry in our faces, and this is perhaps what makes each of us beautiful in our own asymmetrical way. Using fillers from the best nose fillers doctor in Singapore to correct an uneven facial feature – injecting nose fillers to straighten out a crooked nose – can be a good option to improve your appearance. But if your Juvederm injection produces a lop-sided look, then better consider getting some revision.

Fix It: Facial asymmetry after a filler injection can be caused by bruising, so all you have to do is to wait it out for a week or two. Now, if the asymmetry is still apparent after a couple of weeks, then do consider calling your local aesthetic clinic in Singapore. Depending on how you want to deal with this problem, your doctor can choose to either inject you with more fillers, or to reduce the fullness brought by the filler.

3. Over-Filled or Too Puffy

Experiencing some puffiness after getting a filler treatment is pretty normal and will likely resolve on its own a week after the procedure. Also, the bruises caused by Juvederm are usually deep and not visible on the surface but there’s a chance that it will cause some puffiness.

Fix It: If you’re not comfortable with the puffy feeling, we suggest that you visit your dermatologist again and ask him to inject some hyluronadase on the over-filled area to reduce its fullness.

4. Under-Filled

Having an under-filled filler injection isn’t actually a mistake, since most patients would prefer to start off their procedure with a conservative amount of filler to see how their body would react to the product. In fact, it’s a good idea to start slowly for first timers. Most doctors would actually under-fill slightly on your first appointment but will also tell you to return after a week or two for an additional injection if the result appears to be not quite enough.

5. Bumps or Lumps

Although there are some rare reports of experiencing small bumps and lumps after undergoing a Juvederm or Restylane injection, these bumps are actually the small bruises that are lying underneath the filler.

Fix It: The best possible way to fix this problem is to wait things out for at least ten days, and if the bump is still noticeable after that, then we suggest that you go to your Singapore doctor and have him remove some parts of the filler to rid of the bumps.

Every filler has its own drawbacks but now that you know how to properly deal with such problems, you can now fully enjoy the results of your non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

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