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You are a timepiece fanatic. You poured a lot of money for a timepiece like wristwatches. Many people will tell you that that is madness but what do they care if it makes you happy? Speaking of wristwatches, you will be happy to know that there is a new design of wristwatches developed by a subsidiary of Sony.


Knowing that it is Sony, you will be assured of its quality. The wristwatch is called FES Watch which is an e-paper timepiece. The concept was first introduced last year at Makuake – a Japanese crowdfunding site. Sony later expanded the concept to a crowdfunding portal – First Flight. The good news is that this month, it is available for release although a limited one and only in Japanese stores.

You should not over-expect though. FES Watch is not a smartwatch. It is in essence just a watch that can tell you the time. Despite its simplicity of design, it is expected to hit the market and make a mark after its launch. If you want to purchase one, there are only two stores in Japan that you need to consider.

You need to head to The MoMa Design Store located at Omotesando with initial launching on November 21, 2015. Another store will offer FES Watch – Shinjuku’s Isetan with launching on December 1 onwards. Other electronics stores in Tokyo are left out for the meantime. If you are not within the two stores identified earlier, you can still purchase at First Flight. The shipping is every Saturday.


Although Sony did not mention further plans to offer FES Watch to other stores in Japan and abroad, you can be at ease because it will eventually get here. The cost of the watch (tax inclusive) is ¥29,700 or $242. Why should one consider it? Well, the wearers have the opportunity to alter not only the watch’s face but also the pattern of the strap. Many watch have this kind of service but what stands out? The watch face and the strap is made of e-paper tech.

It does not end there because the watch boasts of two year battery life and the most important of them all – it is waterproof. Knowing its price, it is not that expensive since it is not trying to be a smartwatch in the first place.

Sony is proud of another milestone especially that it embodies the founding essence of “doing what has never done before”. With this, you can only wait for it to be available here in Singapore.


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