Going Vegan: For a Better Version of You


You might be one of the people who is struggling to lose some weight because you easily give in to gastronomic temptations. Well, you know what you are not the only one. How about if we try to go vegan for now and see whether or not we will finally lose some of those excess fat which keeps us away from our dream bikini body.

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Well actually going vegan seems to be a fad now among our favorite celebrities. Are you a Game of Thrones fan? I mean who isn’t anyway. Of course, you are well acquainted with Tyrion Lannister— the little guy with the big (ok wait for it) brains in the show.

Yes, the dwarf. He is definitely a vegan. Now, you might not appreciate his muscles nor his abs but you couldn’t miss his unbelievable wit and extraordinary humor in the show.

Why don’t we find out if going vegan will help us be smarter, healthier and of course the burning most anticipated question that we are dying to know of the real answer is that will it help us be sexier and hotter. Let us all find out, shall we?

First stop, there are a lot of vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber which in turn will help our metabolism speed the process of burning our excess fat. Well, as for veggies, you might consider eating some flowers now; well just kidding but a cup of cauliflowers and broccolis contain 5 grams of fiber. So, it should definitely be included in your grocery list now.


As for fruits anything that has some berries is definitely good for you; yes, all those fruits with berries like strawberries, blue berries and raspberries. They are not only good; they are also tasty especially if you topped them with low-fat milk and chill it. So, the answer is a hundred percent yes.

If you are going to go totally vegan, you will not only help yourself get into that beach body you have always dreamed of but you will also distance yourself from having diabetes or cancer. But of course, let us not forget that no pain is no gain.

There are still certain conditions to be met before we can get maybe half or just some of the oozing sexiness of Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. We definitely have to look for a fun sports or game that we can go crazy about to build some muscles and abs too. Or, we can just hang out in the gym instead.

Trust me, it is all going to be worth it.


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