How Call Center Agents Can Stay Fit

A call center lifestyle is not the healthiest type. Employees have to report in for their shifts in the night and take their sleep by day. Many call center agents gain unhealthy weight and also pick up unhealthy habits the more years they spend in the BPO industry. There have already been incidents of call center employees in Singapore – both who looked fit and not – who met their deaths while on the Operations floor. This is an even more compelling reason why call center agents and employees in general should look after their weight and make extra effort on living healthy.


The following are some practical easy to do tips on how call center agents can stay fit:

Avoid Fast Food

Call center offices are surrounded by fast food chains. The operating hours of the call center industry also make the 24 hour fast food chains as convenient sources of food for lunch breaks and snacks. Unfortunately, fast food is your enemy when it comes to living healthy. If you want to take care of your body organs and live a longer life, you can cook your own food to bring for work. This way you’re sure that only the best and recommended ingredients are used in making your food while you get to save some money, too.

Avoid Smoking

Most call center employees are smokers. They litter the smoking areas allotted to them during their 15 minute break times. You’d have a shiver run through your spine as you look at all the crushed cigarette left behind or the amount of smoke they produce while they’re out smoking. We all know that smoking is bad for our health but so is second-hand smoking. Stay away from your smoker friends while they smoke lest you want to inhale those deadly cigarette fumes.


Exercise Regularly

There are fitness centers that partner with call center companies and give employees membership discounts. Some call center companies also provided free use of gyms with training instructors for their employees. When this is the case, the call center employees’ enemy would be none other than their own laziness and lack of motivation for keeping fit.

Standing Up

Sitting for long hours is a silent enemy to healthy living. Studies have shown that long hours of constant sitting can significantly reduce a person’s life span. This is the more challenging part for the call center employees especially the agents. They spend most of the time sitting on their workstations and standing up while navigating at their computer tools while talking to the customer can be quite difficult especially for the older ones. Remember to stand up every now and then and walk even just a few corners during your 15 minute breaks and lunch break.

Sleeping Enough Hours

Having a different sleeping hours from your normal schedule and having different schedules every month or so can ruin a person’s body clock. Unfortunately, this comes as a package the moment you choose to work in a call center. The best way around this is just to ensure that you’re still getting enough hours of sleep every day.


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