How to Choose a Boyfriend

There are more women than men in Singapore but the fact that there are still a lot of single loveless women mean there’s a lot to do with their love life – or the lack of it, for that matter. Women are considered to be smart in a lot of things, even smarter than men. But most often, their pitfall is in the area of love. It is even said that the smarter the woman, the more stupid she is in love. This doesn’t have to be the case. We’re living in a modern world where women stand shoulder to shoulder with men, so women ought to be smarter than previously assumed.

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When it comes to choosing a boyfriend, here are some practical tips women should look for if they want to have a happy stress-free relationship:

Choose a guy that doesn’t have any record of womanizing

Unless you want to have a lot of drama in your relationship, make sure that your potential boyfriend does not have any record of womanizing or relationships that overlapped – you get the picture. It doesn’t even matter what story he tells you on this scenarios. It’s as simple as black and white. Men who have had record are most likely to repeat the same mistakes.

Choose a guy that treats the female members in his family with respect

It all boils down to family relationships, too. Is he loving and respectful to his mom and sister? What do his mom and sister say about him? This is important to know early on because most guys as they say are only putting on their best foot forward during the early stages of dating. How he treats his female family members will be the same way he’ll treat you in the long run.

Choose a guy that doesn’t have any vices

This may be something some women are willing to put up with, especially if they have vices themselves. But one of the great things about men that don’t have vices is that they’re not easily susceptible to addiction. That means they have stronger self discipline and self control. Now that’s what macho is all about. This early you’ll already be confident that there won’t be any issues coming your way such as gambling, smoking, or drinking.

Choose a guy whom you can be friends with

If you’re thinking of taking this relationship to a more serious kind where you build families together and grow old together, you have to be practical and realistic that it won’t be a romantic ride for most of the time. A long relationship would require you and your partner to be friends more than lovers or maybe as partners working together for a common goal instead of just making babies together.

Choose a guy who knows how to handle his money

If you can’t handle your finances well and this guy doesn’t know either, you’re better off apart. You two are just a recipe for disaster. Find a guy that will complement you, show you how to save, and teach you the real value of money. Your partner should lead you to a brighter path and not to a path of financial ruin.




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