How to Effectively Reset Your Body Clock


The body clock is your way of knowing when it is time to sleep and to wake up. This is not out of habit or convenience – the body knows when it is time. Your body clock will help you get through any activity good or bad from jet lag to graveyard shifts and insomnia. Sleep schedule is important because it can affect your weight, concentration and mood at the end of the day.

Here in Singapore, a lot of things happen and sometimes your body clock is disrupted. It is a must that you get the rest you need. So, if you are having problems with your rhythms or body clock, it is time that you do something about it. Here are tips on how to effectively reset your body clock:

Avoid blue light

If you want to fall asleep faster, you have to avoid blue light. Blue lights come from electronic gadgets and light bulbs. You will be surprised how blue light can have an impact on your body clock. When it is time to sleep, keep away phone and tablet, turn off TV and dim your lights.

Skip naps

Experts say that napping is not good. Avoid taking them if you can because it can take away you sleep later. If you feel very tired, you can nap but keep it to less than twenty minutes. Do not nap for an hour or so.

Get out of bed

After twenty minutes of turning in and you still cannot sleep, the best course of action is to get out of bed and do something that relaxes you. If you just stare at the ceiling and tossing or turning, it will train your body to always do that before sleeping.

Wake up regularly

You cannot regulate when you fall asleep but you can choose when you start your day. If you wake up at the same time every day, it will train your body to prepare for the day.

Implement bedtime habits

If you really want to help your body relax and sleep, you have to implement bedtime habits. You can start by filtering the noise. You can also keep your room cool and avoid drinking coffee, soda or tea before sleeping. If you have a regimen, never forget it because it is the body’s way of preparing for sleep.

When you work at night, things can be a lot difficult but if you are serious about resetting your body clock, you can do it.

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