Hydrate the Right Way During Your Workout  

60 percent of our body is made up of water, and we can lose a good amount of it when working out. When excessively sweating and doing strenuous activities, it is important to stay hydrated to help the body system function properly. However, many of us don’t drink enough. If you want to know how to get hydration right while working out, here are some of our tips.


  1. Choose the Right Liquid

If you do average exercises, around one to two hours at a time, water after workout is just enough. However, if you do more intense exercises and spend more than three hours working out, it’s best to have chocolate milk as it has calcium and sodium, which we lose when we sweat. It also has the right amount of carbs to refuel your energy.

  1. Consume the Right Amount

There isn’t really a prescribed amount of water that you should consume when working out, rather we recommend drinking whenever you feel the thirst. However, if you tend to sweat a lot, or if you just want to get a definite amount to be sure, four to six ounces of water every 15 minute of exercise is good enough.

  1. Pack In Some Carbs and Protein

While working out is good for the health, it’s common to get minor tissue and cell damage afterwards. Protein helps in the repair of these damages, so it’s recommended to rehydrate with protein drink after a workout. Also, the body uses up substantial amount of energy, therefore carbohydrates should also be replenished along with protein. Flavoured milk is a great substitute for water as your body’s fluid replacement.


  1. Drink Before You Exercise

We recommend drinking plenty of fluids before you start your routine, especially if you’re doing something more intense. Start drinking water about one to two hours before, say, a 30-minute run on a treadmill.

Drinking water during workout is important to replenish the lost body fluids. Remember that a dehydrated person is more prone to fatigue. Not drinking enough water makes your blood thicker and stresses the heart to work harder, which is never a good thing for your overall physical health.


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