Instilling Entrepreneurial Skills to Your Kids

As a parent, you are responsible for instilling entrepreneurial skills to your kids so they can live in the future with or without your guidance. Singapore has a lot of opportunities and if you trained your kids how to grab hold of them, they will approach things differently. What you teach your kids now will surely shape how they will live in the future.


It is not too early to teach and instil entrepreneurial skills to your kids. Kids have bright minds, vibrant imagination and energetic spirit. This makes them a perfect candidate for teaching entrepreneurial skills. So, here are some skills that you can teach your kids:

  • Self-confidence: Being shy is normal especially for kids but if you let them live embarrassed at all times, they will not grow to be strong and free-spirited. It is important that you encourage them to be outspoken and confident. Tell your kids that successful people do not feel shy and embarrassed. Self-confidence is about believing in yourself that you can get through the challenges and arise from it. As a parent, you need to let your kids make decisions and support them. Know that when you give your kids space and time to decide, it will increase their self-confidence especially if things work out.

Mother and Daughter Reading Together

  • Creativity: People who changed the world started with their creativity. Einstein left a wisdom saying that imagination is more than knowledge. The world is evolving and every day, the world needs something new. If you foster the creativity of your kids, they will always find a solution.
  • Resilience: It pains you to think that your kids will have to endure pains, disappointment and failures in the near future. That is necessary so they will become strong and they will learn better. If you trained your kids to be resilient in whatever situation they face, you can leave them knowing that they are prepared and they can handle anything that life throws at them. Most importantly, let your kid to fail because that is the time that they can learn valuable lessons.

There are other skills that you need to teach your kids aside from the ones mentioned above. It is valuable if you teach your kids these kinds of skills because they will carry this in their lifetime. The way they lead their life in the future depends on you and your teachings. Singapore is a difficult place and if your kid is not prepared, he/she will grow being afraid.

Teach your kid well!


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