Is it Perseverance or Desperation?  


When we are seeking love, it is either perseverance or desperation. How so? It is perseverance if we really know what we are looking for and continue to hold on to that regardless of the situation. It is desperation if we consider the person because we have no choice and it’s been so long.

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When we love, we want it to persevere because it lasts longer than desperation. With this, it is important that we learn to identify whether it is perseverance or desperation. Here are some questions that we need to ask ourselves in order to identify the line between the two:

  • Is it about us or our ego? There are times that things are not great for us. This is when relationships come in. If we think that our relationship will benchmark our value as human beings, then it would be desperation. We have to snap out of this relationship because it can be real satisfying and misguided.


  • Is the person worth fighting for or we are just blinded romance? There are persons who are worth fighting for and there are just those who blind us. If that person persists no matter the situation – that is perseverance but if that relationship is destructive and causes too much grief and sadness, holding on to that relationship is called desperation.
  • Are we wasting our life on the person or not? Our life is all about ourselves (though it sounds extremely selfish). If we romanticize that there is a person that will complete us and hold on to that person – that is purely desperation. We just want to assure ourselves that we made the right decision because that person “completes” us.
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