Budget Hotels in Singapore

Singapore is famous for its business districts and tourist attractions. Whether you visit Singapore for business or leisure, you should first consider the place to stay. This is not a daunting task since there are a lot of hotels that you can choose. You just need to book it early so you will not encounter any problems when you get there. If you are tightening your belt, it is best to find budget hotels. The good news is that Singapore offers affordable accommodations. With this, you don’t need to spend so much or exhaust all your money to make your trip a success. You can refer to this list of budget hotels to help you decide:

Ibis Singapore


Ibis is near shopping and business centres. Aside from that, it is famous because of its “budget” rates. If you book online, you can enjoy great deals. They have a restaurant that serves breakfast and some local cuisines. It garnered many awards (Best Economy Hotel in Asia Pacific in 2009-2012 and Economy Hotel Certificate of Excellence).

Victoria Hotel Singapore


If you want to explore Singapore, Victoria Hotel is the best place to start. It is near Changi Airport, Bugis Junction, National library, Zoo, Art Museum and many sites.

Strand Hotel Singapore


Strand hotel offers affordable prices with amenities that can compare to 5 star hotels. It is located in the center of the country’s social and cultural sites.

Perak Hotel


Perak hotel is located in Little India. Few minutes of walk will take you to Bugis Junction, Arab Street and Chinatown. It is also near train stations and Changi Airport.

SPF Upgrade

Preserving peace and order is essential in every society. One way to preserve peace and order is impeding crimes. Crimes should be fought so that the population can rest easy and peacefully. If crimes are widespread, massive unrest will happen. Every government is doing its best to appease the population by modernizing and upgrading their police force. In this case, Singapore Police Force (SPF) declared that they will undertake new initiatives to fight crime after their annual Workplan Seminar. The upgrade of SPF will make the solving and deterring of crimes faster and easier.


The annual Workplan Seminar last May 5, 2013 includes new plans and systems for the SPF. Here’s an overview of the Workplan:

Additional police centres

SPF presented that they will set up another six centres by the end of the year. Aside from that, the force is planning to set up Police Divisional Headquarters and Neighbourhood Police Centres in the next years. Police centres are very crucial. If it is visible, offenders will surely think twice to commit a crime.

Daily patrols

SPF is aiming increase visibility with the help of foot and bicycle patrols every day.

Body scanner

SPF will install ProVision 2 Body Scanner that can spot many concealed objects like metals and non metals (liquid, paper, etc.).

Laser scanner

3D Laser Scanners will be provided. These scanners can process and document a crime scene for only six minutes compared to one full day if humans do it; it can eliminate human errors. It will make the process and documentation of crime scenes efficient.

V Scope+ scanner

This scanner can effectively capture and identify images underneath cars. It will be used at checkpoints.

Wedding Planning Made Easy

Wedding planning is not an easy task as it seems to be. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most mind-numbing tasks that require a lot of planning and time. The planning of wedding becomes more tedious if your budget is limited. However, you can consider yourself lucky because you are not the only one who is in need of advice for planning the wedding. There are many people get confused at this point. The solution to this problem is to take the help of forums which guide you with cost effective ways to celebrate this big event. There are many online forums where your get suggestions and advice on wedding plans. Some of the forums are specifically related to the people in Singapore. It means these forums have members of Singapore who share their ideas and suggestions like how to plan a wedding, how can we make it awesome within limited budget, which venue of Singapore will be best for wedding etc.


By joining these forums you will get lots of ideas, deals and suggestions of different people. Even if you have any doubt or question regarding this event, you can ask it through message board. Since there is large traffic in most of these forums, it may be a possibility that you will get a quick reply of your questions or doubt. With these forums you not only get the help in planning the wedding but you also have fun and learn many new things regarding wedding celebration. Many people nowadays in Singapore get the ideas from these forums and then start their business of planning a wedding. You can take forums as a wedding planner because they provide you expert tricks and tips.

Many past brides give advice on how to take care of oneself at the time of wedding like always use waterproof mascara, not making use of creams that include sunscreen because camera flash get reflected from it. Many couples who recently got married provide the ideas in the message boards on perfect weddings in Singapore such as, from where you should buy flowers, invitation, wedding cakes etc. for wedding. These forums also provide ideas about how to decorate the wedding venue, what are the different kinds of theme that can be used, which wedding cake flavors are best, different kind of design of invitation card etc.


If you want free consultation and information, then forums are the best place for it. Here you get ideas that in which area you can easily bargain while planning for your wedding. Many retailers and freelancers are active members of the bridal community who not only give the expert tips and tricks but also offer special discounts or promotional codes for the forum members.

Earlier, when internet facility was not available, it was very common to appoint a planner for wedding. But it was an expensive way to organize the wedding. The service of wedding planner used to cost thousands of dollars. Thus those people who have limited budget were not able to avail these services. But nowadays, internet makes many things possible. Now, forums can provide many of the things that a wedding planner provides. Also the fees of hiring a planner can also be reduced which makes the people more comfortable. The only negative point of taking the help from forum is that you need to invest lot of time in doing research on the information. Since forums are full of real world people who may be planners, consultants or past brides and groom, you will definitely get accurate information regarding wedding products and services.

The Right Way to Organizing Your Kitchen

The kitchen is where we prepare the food so it is essential that we clean and organize it. Cleaning it is for the safety of the family from any unwanted illnesses. Organizing the kitchen is a condition so that we can efficiently cook and prepare the food.

Organizing the kitchen is for everybody. Here’s a guide:

Clean the kitchen

Cleaning is a good habit because it gets rid of unwanted illnesses. Start with your cabinets, floors, walls and ceilings. Wipe appliances until they look clean. Utensils and dishes should be washed too. Make sure that trash is available.

A clean kitchen should be maintained so we should practice “clean as you go” habit.

Do some inventory 

Go through with your utensils. If you find something that is not useful, either give it to your friends or donate it. If you find things that are not working, fix it or simply replace it. You should also go through cabinets and if you see any expired food items, throw it away.

Set-up your kitchen

Kitchen set-ups are different because we have varied needs. It is best if you stop for a while and think of what you need in the kitchen and start arranging it. For example, if you are fan of baking, it is good if you have a baking counter or a baking spot where you can easily reach for sugar, flour, baking powder, mixing bowls, measuring cups and mixers. If you simply want to cook in peace, allot a space for the preparation and the cooking process. In the preparation space, make sure knives, cutting boards, spoons, cups, etc. are reachable. In your cooking spot, arrange it in a way that you can reach for pots, pans, utensils, holders, spatulas, etc. conveniently.

How to Organize Your Closet

Organizing the closet is important because it can help us save time and space as well. Yes we organize our closet but later on we will notice that everything is a mess again. Organizing the closet is not a onetime activity. Organization is a system that should be practiced seriously.

Here’s a guide to organizing the closet efficiently:

Remove all the clothes, shoes and bags from your closet

The point of removing everything from your closet is to decide which clothes, shoes and bags to keep and give away. To save space, go through everything you have and if you identified something that you are no longer using, give it away. The items you will keep should be folded neatly.

Clean the interior of your closet

To make sure that our clothes are clean, we should make sure the closet is dirt-free. We should look further if the closet is infested with cockroaches, rats and termites. If it is infested, it is time to look for a new closet. Proper clothing care begins with the storage area.

Classify the clothing

Hanging clothes can save space. The first thing to do is classify the clothing before hanging it. The classification varies depending on our liking. We can choose to classify it by season or type. Save a space for underwear or lingerie.

Arrange shoes, bags and accessories

After the clothes, we should take care of our shoes, bags and accessories. If we have many shoes, there is a need to secure shoe racks. We should classify them according to their type (heels, slippers, sneakers, etc.). If we have many bags, we can install overhead panels. Accessories are important part too. Belts, hats, sunglasses, jewellery and other accessories should be given importance as well.

Why Fiberglass for Your Exterior Door

Homeowners have always been using wood materials for exterior house doors. Wood doors have timeless beauty and are classic home pieces, but because of constant exposure to different weather, they’re very much prone to rotting, bowing, and developing splits and cracks over time. These are the reasons why fiberglass doors were invented. So, what more benefits can fiberglass exterior doors can offer?


Durability – Fiberglass doors are built to endure all types of elements like strong winds and extreme cold or heat. Constant change of weather has no effect to fiberglass materials. They do not dent, rot or rust. You will experience the same insulation provided by wooden doors plus the excellent durability.

Security – One of the best benefits of fiberglass doors is the security they give to the people inside the house. Since fiberglass doors are built of two to three pane glasses, they can’t be easily broken down, making it difficult for intruders to enter your house.

Low Maintenance – Another advantage of having a fiberglass door is the ease of maintenance. Since fiberglass don’t dent, rot, or rust, you don’t have to worry about its appearance and functionality every now and then. You just have to wipe its surface to keep it clean and smooth.

Energy Efficient – Fiberglass doors can provide energy savings of up to 15%. If your fiberglass door is of good quality, which happen to be a bit expensive than the typical fiberglass doors in the market, then this could be the best thing you can get from your investment. You will definitely save a lot from your overall energy cost on the long-run especially if your location experiences extremes in summer and winter seasons.

Most Anticipated Games of 2013

For all gamers out there, here’s a compilation of the most anticipated games of 2013 together with their release dates.

Tomb Raider (March 5)

Tomb Raider, developed by Crystal Dynamics, is an action-filled video game and the first entry of the new Tomb Raider series. The character of Lara Croft starts off as an inexperienced archaeologist who evolved into a tough survivor. Witness how she acquire her trademark dual pistols as she struggle for survival in an island of hostile goons.

SimCity (March 5)

The new SimCity is a reboot of the first SimCity series. The upcoming game is expected to have better effects and display, and has added social and online features. Feel the traffic, solve economic troubles and lead your own SimContinent as you progress in the newest edition of SimCity.

Last of Us (June 14)

A horror survival action-adventure game developed exclusively for PlayStation 3. The upcoming game is about Joel and Ellie fighting for survival amidst the city of infected human-eating-humans. Will they survive the apocalypse? Or will they be one of those humanoid creatures whose sole aim is to spread the odd infection? Let us all soon find out.

Grand Theft Auto V (September 17)

It has been 5 years since Grand Theft Auto IV was released. And on the last quarter of 2013, the newest series of GTA will be launched. GTA V will be played by three main characters. Based on its trailer, the mood of the game seems a bit comedic than the previous series, but, for sure, we’ll still witness the tragic defeat of at least one of the three star criminals in the game.

Music to the Ears

People in Singapore love hearing music—whether it is from the radio, car stereo, or their gadgets, they just couldn’t last a day without getting a dose of their favourite songs. Why is it that Singaporeans love listening to music?

Music is Exciting

There are times when we get bored in life, and music seems to have the magic to make our days exciting no matter what we are going through. Doing a house chore can be a boring and tedious task to do, but if you try to play some feel good music in the background, you will suddenly feel energized. The good vibes you get from listening to your favourite songs can determine you to finish that particular task. The same thing also applies when you are at work. You may be stressed by your workload, but music seems to have its way of cheering you up.

Music is Expressive

Music relieves stress, and most of the time, music can express what we feel when we seem not to find the right words to say. Music is enchanting as it has a way of describing our lives or our current situation when we couldn’t seem to do the explaining on our own. Music can describe a plethora of emotions—be it the feeling when you first fall in love, when you are experiencing heartbreak, when you are mad for some reasons, or when you are simply happy about your life.

Music is Emotional

If you listen closely to a song, it is not actually the lyrics of it that evokes meaning, but the melody as well. The way a song is composed and arranged can create a profound impact to a listener. People say that when we are happy, we enjoy the melody of a song. When we’re sad, we relate our emotions to its lyrics.

Watching Movies the Singapore Style

If not shopping or eating, going to the cinemas is another favourite pastime of most Singaporeans. Whether it is a local, international, or Hollywood film, moviegoers in the country always flock to the movie houses not only to support the films but also to relax and unwind.

Cost of Movie Tickets

Movie tickets in Singapore cost around $7, and a number of upscale cinemas charge a dollar more. In the Great World City’s gold class cinema, the most luxurious cinema in the country, a movie ticket costs a whopping amount of $25. That assures you of an ultimate pampered movie experience. You can definitely sit back and relax on your reclining armchair, a little table for your snacks, plus there are standby waiters who are ready to take your orders and serve them.

Highest Movie-Going Rate

Singaporeans, young and old alike, are really infatuated with films. As a matter of fact, Singapore is the country in the whole world with the highest movie-going rate. Statistics reveal that one person goes to the cinema on the average of eight times in one year.  Based on this numerical data, one can really conclude that the country’s silver screen is never sluggish year-round. It is always dynamic, lively, and lucrative.

More than a Visual Treat

For Singaporeans, watching their favourite movie stars and celebrities in the big screen is more than just a mere visual treat. Movie aficionados love to bring along with them popcorn, burger, fries, chips, soda, coffee, and other foods. In every cinema foyer, there are various food stalls and cafés where you can grab some snacks before you get in the cinema. This just proves that Singaporeans are a people who love food and movies.

The First Ice Gallery of Singapore

People in Singapore show a strong passion for the arts, and this was reflected as the country opened its first ice gallery at Snow City in Jurong last November 2012.

The Genius Ice Sculptor of Singapore

The “Dino World” at Snow City measures 7.3 by 17.5 metres and features over 20 ice sculptures intricately created by the national sculpting team of Singapore led by Jeffrey Ng, a multi-awarded Singaporean ice sculptor. As a skilful ice sculptor, Ng has represented the country in the international arena for more than 20 years, and now he was the genius mind behind Snow City’s ice gallery.

Together with other experienced ice sculptors, Ng was the team captain of the artists who created those dinosaur sculptures set against a cascading waterfall and glorified by colourful lights. Indeed, “Dino World” is a totally impressive creation worthy of every awe and admiration.

On Creating “Dino World”

It was not an easy task for Ng and his team to build dinosaur ice sculptures. For it to be possible, Ng said they needed to stack up nearly 500 ice blocks weighing about 140 kilograms each.  Then they had to sketch onto the ice before they could start carving. Moreover, to keep the ice sculpture from melting, they needed to sculpt the ice blocks at sub-zero temperatures. The entire ice gallery was finished after more than 3 weeks of sculpting at a freezing cold temperature.

The country’s ice gallery is one of the newest must-see attractions that Singaporeans and foreigners alike will surely enjoy. Snow City is Singapore’s first and only indoor snow centre.