Music to the Ears

People in Singapore love hearing music—whether it is from the radio, car stereo, or their gadgets, they just couldn’t last a day without getting a dose of their favourite songs. Why is it that Singaporeans love listening to music?

Music is Exciting

There are times when we get bored in life, and music seems to have the magic to make our days exciting no matter what we are going through. Doing a house chore can be a boring and tedious task to do, but if you try to play some feel good music in the background, you will suddenly feel energized. The good vibes you get from listening to your favourite songs can determine you to finish that particular task. The same thing also applies when you are at work. You may be stressed by your workload, but music seems to have its way of cheering you up.

Music is Expressive

Music relieves stress, and most of the time, music can express what we feel when we seem not to find the right words to say. Music is enchanting as it has a way of describing our lives or our current situation when we couldn’t seem to do the explaining on our own. Music can describe a plethora of emotions—be it the feeling when you first fall in love, when you are experiencing heartbreak, when you are mad for some reasons, or when you are simply happy about your life.

Music is Emotional

If you listen closely to a song, it is not actually the lyrics of it that evokes meaning, but the melody as well. The way a song is composed and arranged can create a profound impact to a listener. People say that when we are happy, we enjoy the melody of a song. When we’re sad, we relate our emotions to its lyrics.

Watching Movies the Singapore Style

If not shopping or eating, going to the cinemas is another favourite pastime of most Singaporeans. Whether it is a local, international, or Hollywood film, moviegoers in the country always flock to the movie houses not only to support the films but also to relax and unwind.

Cost of Movie Tickets

Movie tickets in Singapore cost around $7, and a number of upscale cinemas charge a dollar more. In the Great World City’s gold class cinema, the most luxurious cinema in the country, a movie ticket costs a whopping amount of $25. That assures you of an ultimate pampered movie experience. You can definitely sit back and relax on your reclining armchair, a little table for your snacks, plus there are standby waiters who are ready to take your orders and serve them.

Highest Movie-Going Rate

Singaporeans, young and old alike, are really infatuated with films. As a matter of fact, Singapore is the country in the whole world with the highest movie-going rate. Statistics reveal that one person goes to the cinema on the average of eight times in one year.  Based on this numerical data, one can really conclude that the country’s silver screen is never sluggish year-round. It is always dynamic, lively, and lucrative.

More than a Visual Treat

For Singaporeans, watching their favourite movie stars and celebrities in the big screen is more than just a mere visual treat. Movie aficionados love to bring along with them popcorn, burger, fries, chips, soda, coffee, and other foods. In every cinema foyer, there are various food stalls and cafés where you can grab some snacks before you get in the cinema. This just proves that Singaporeans are a people who love food and movies.

The First Ice Gallery of Singapore

People in Singapore show a strong passion for the arts, and this was reflected as the country opened its first ice gallery at Snow City in Jurong last November 2012.

The Genius Ice Sculptor of Singapore

The “Dino World” at Snow City measures 7.3 by 17.5 metres and features over 20 ice sculptures intricately created by the national sculpting team of Singapore led by Jeffrey Ng, a multi-awarded Singaporean ice sculptor. As a skilful ice sculptor, Ng has represented the country in the international arena for more than 20 years, and now he was the genius mind behind Snow City’s ice gallery.

Together with other experienced ice sculptors, Ng was the team captain of the artists who created those dinosaur sculptures set against a cascading waterfall and glorified by colourful lights. Indeed, “Dino World” is a totally impressive creation worthy of every awe and admiration.

On Creating “Dino World”

It was not an easy task for Ng and his team to build dinosaur ice sculptures. For it to be possible, Ng said they needed to stack up nearly 500 ice blocks weighing about 140 kilograms each.  Then they had to sketch onto the ice before they could start carving. Moreover, to keep the ice sculpture from melting, they needed to sculpt the ice blocks at sub-zero temperatures. The entire ice gallery was finished after more than 3 weeks of sculpting at a freezing cold temperature.

The country’s ice gallery is one of the newest must-see attractions that Singaporeans and foreigners alike will surely enjoy. Snow City is Singapore’s first and only indoor snow centre.

Ice Cream Parlor for Events

Are you planning to host a summer party and give everyone the privilege to enjoy their own choices of sweet cold delights after a scrumptious heavy meal? Then an Ice Cream Bar is just what you’re looking for. This type of catering is common to events held outdoors or events held during summer seasons. So if you’ve finally set your heart to this sweet treat, here are the components you should consider having.

Bowls or Glasses. Clear plastic bowls and glasses can be very pleasing to the eyes when filled with ice cream and toppings of different colors. If you want to economize, choose shorter glasses so guests won’t be lavish on filling them up with sweets.

Ice Cream. The most essential component of an ice cream parlor. You can have it in tubs or in ice cream machines. Offer variety of flavors for you and your guests to enjoy. If you have a number of toppings to offer, it’s best to keep the flavors plain.  Typically, vanilla flavored ice cream is the most preferred by many since it goes well with any flavored topping.

Toppings. Toppings add texture and flavor to any dish. Load your parlor with variety of toppings if you want to go cheap with the ice cream. You can have one or two flavors for ice cream and a number of choices for toppings. The most common toppings for ice cream are nuts, marshmallows, candy sprinkles, fresh fruits and brownies chunks.

Liquid toppings. Flavored syrups and sauce toppings also add twist to flavors. Offer chocolate and strawberry syrup in squeeze bottles for easy drizzle. You can also have caramel, passion fruit, butterscotch, or hot fudge for a variety of choices.