Ice Cream Parlor for Events

Are you planning to host a summer party and give everyone the privilege to enjoy their own choices of sweet cold delights after a scrumptious heavy meal? Then an Ice Cream Bar is just what you’re looking for. This type of catering is common to events held outdoors or events held during summer seasons. So if you’ve finally set your heart to this sweet treat, here are the components you should consider having.

Bowls or Glasses. Clear plastic bowls and glasses can be very pleasing to the eyes when filled with ice cream and toppings of different colors. If you want to economize, choose shorter glasses so guests won’t be lavish on filling them up with sweets.

Ice Cream. The most essential component of an ice cream parlor. You can have it in tubs or in ice cream machines. Offer variety of flavors for you and your guests to enjoy. If you have a number of toppings to offer, it’s best to keep the flavors plain.  Typically, vanilla flavored ice cream is the most preferred by many since it goes well with any flavored topping.

Toppings. Toppings add texture and flavor to any dish. Load your parlor with variety of toppings if you want to go cheap with the ice cream. You can have one or two flavors for ice cream and a number of choices for toppings. The most common toppings for ice cream are nuts, marshmallows, candy sprinkles, fresh fruits and brownies chunks.

Liquid toppings. Flavored syrups and sauce toppings also add twist to flavors. Offer chocolate and strawberry syrup in squeeze bottles for easy drizzle. You can also have caramel, passion fruit, butterscotch, or hot fudge for a variety of choices.