Do You Need Cleaning Insurance for Your Company?


Professional cleaning solutions, as a business enterprise, never come without dangers. Like any company, you should have protection from risks that may threaten your businesses. The proper cleaning insurance policy can certainly help mitigate the adverse effect of troubles you may possibly deal with in the process. Your workforce may get injured while carrying out their job or get sick when they’re expected to be reporting to do their job. Injuries may also take place so you must be well prepared in case you need to finance the cost of damages, particularly the costly ones.


Your staff cannot take the problem of these unexpected fees which means you will likely need to prepare yourself with an insurance coverage. By ensuring that your insurance plan comes with the policy that are needed, you can have assurance that you will be able to keep your operations even if unpredicted events take place.

Is carpet cleaning insurance really required?

If you have always been thinking whether a carpet cleaning insurance is important, surely, the answer will be indeed yes.

You probably are contemplating that your workers are perfectly-trained for the task entrusted to them. They go through training programs and as well conform to safety procedures. Everyone seems to be mindful while working on their jobs. Still, this does not mean that you as well as your company are safe from any sort of accident. Unexpected events can happen at any moment. So when that takes place, you don’t like to be caught unaware. Most likely you want to be able to help your workers. Utilising proper cleaning insurance, you have a fall back.

Most probably you are bothered that the carpet cleaning quotes is only going to cost you a lot of money. Certainly, it won’t. In case you’re concerned that you will not be ready to pay for its fee, you are able to get cleaning insurance quotes first from insurance companies. You don’t have to dive in immediately. Insurance firms also are open to queries if perhaps you continue to have worries about the procedure.


Who must have Insurance Protection?

If you provide carpet cleaning solutions, it’s likely that you have services like window cleaning, janitorial, or all round cleaning. These services likewise need insurance plan. Also, you can always discuss with the certified insurance team with regards to creating a package that is perfect to meet your needs.

Be cautious which insurance firm to count on

Since the business specialises in providing cleaning solutions, you can also check out a group that specialises in delivering insurance coverage to the cleaning sector. Search for a group that has demonstrated expertise in dealing with businesses offering professional services similar to yours. You can be sure that the group has the ability to deal with your account with care. They understand how your enterprise functions and are even informed about your needs. If you want to process a claim, you are aware that you’d be offered immediate assistance. You’ll not be left hanging.

Having said that, be sure that the cleaning insurance is not hard to get in touch with. Have a look at the other details presented on their website and also test them out even when you’re still checking your alternatives. This is certainly a great way to start evaluating whether you can depend on the firm.

Smart Shopping for Contemporary Furniture in SG


Setting up your office requires a lot of work. When you buy office furniture online, you cannot just pick out any item without planning. If you’re a small business owner and is shopping for contemporary furniture in Singapore, here are few tips you can follow to make sure you’re getting the most out of your purchase.


  1. List down items you need. You have a budget to work on so don’t rush when shopping. You can find a similar item, of the same quality, for a cheaper price, or you can probably find totally different furniture that’s way better than the first one you saw.

Before you buy office furniture online, decide first which items you really need. You don’t want to get more than or less of what you need. You might as well consider the number of your employees along with the items they might need. If you’re planning on expanding anytime soon and recruiting more people, that should be taken into consideration as well.

  1. Window shop. Now that you’re done creating your list, it’s time to choose where to get your furniture. If you have a favourite store where you buy home furniture online, do check out their offerings as well. You might even receive discounts for getting more items, should you decide to include in your shopping few more furniture for your home.


Never stick to the first good deal you see because you never know when you’d find another that easily beats the first one. If anything, you can always go back. Make sure to compare prices. Small differences add up fast especially if you’re buying in bulk.

  1. Consider function. It’s important that your employees feel comfortable using the furniture so treat this shopping experience similar to when you buy home furniture online. This will also help boost your employees’ productivity as you create an environment that keeps them in the mood for work. If your employee will be on that desk for eight hours a day or so, you’d want to make sure there’s enough legroom and workspace where they can place all their belongings, and still have few more vacant spots so their station doesn’t look cramped.


  1. Look into the design. It depends if you are going for a particular theme for your office interior. You can probably check out contemporary furniture in Sinapore produced if you want your workplace to look sleek and sophisticated. You can as well look for industrial style office supplies if you’re going for the unconventional setting. It can be overwhelming to decide which furniture to finally go for so it also helps if you can as well gather suggestions from a colleague or anyone from your team.

Make sure to look into the terms and conditions the online furniture shop is implementing. You’d want to go over the return and exchange policy so you can be sure they’d accommodate your request should anything go wrong with your purchases. As with any other investment you make, whether it’s for office or home furniture. Be sure to plan and think carefully. Never rush. These tips listed above should be able to help you buy office furniture online.


Unique Ways to Style Your Sneakers


Although we love our towering platforms and high-heeled pumps, there’s no denying that we’ll always have a weak spot for sneakers. Who wouldn’t love them when they’re totally on trend, they’re ideal for creating a cool vibe, and they look amazing with just about anything you pair them with. That said, we’ve listed down some of the easy ways on how you can take your sneaker styling up a notch.


  1. Think About Going Monochrome

Loved by stylish stars, bloggers, and fashion editors alike, the black and white running shoes fit just as well with the latest designer clothes with spandex leggings. It might seem counterintuitive, but the best way to style this pair is to treat them the same way you treat your pair of pumps.

  1. Sport Those With Fun Colours

Apart from providing great arch support, another reason to love a pair of jogging shoes is the array of cool colours that they come in. The neon details on a basic show is what will add some fun flair to your favourite neutral coloured outfits.

  1. Wear it With Your Favourite Tough Skirt

While it sounds like a style equation that only your 12-year old self would wear, the technique in sporting a skirt-and-sneakers combo relies on the textures of the pieces that will be worn. Wearing a feminine top, such as a lace crop, will help in balancing out tough pieces like nylon sneakers and a leather mini.


  1. Try it On With Your Jumpsuit

Although there’s no denying that satin slip-ons look good when paired with shorts, everybody can just pull off that look. So take a step back from that pairing by wearing those kicks with your favourite dressy jumpsuit instead. You’ll be surprised as to how Instagram-worthy your OOTD will be.

  1. Pair it Up With a Dress

Want to give your favourite printed shift dress some style overhaul? Then consider pairing it up with a colour-coordinating kicks. This getup will surely create a lovely contrast with your accessories and ladylike topknot.

  1. Remember the Classics

Whether you like a worn-out or a clean pair, canvas shoes have been a wardrobe staple for decades. Since they come in pretty much any colour conceivable, all you need is a little creativity to make these kicks completely your own.

Wearing your sneakers in a more stylish way is actually easy. All you’ve got to do is let your creativity flow with your outfit choices, and you’re set to achieve those blogger-like getups that you’ve always wanted to try.


Weekday Workouts: How to Make Exercising Everyday Happen


The thought of finding time to exercise on weekdays can be overwhelming. Between your morning tasks, lunch meetings, and after-work happy hours, finding time to relax can be quite hard, much more to head to the gym. Still, allotting time to exercise during the week is crucial. Spending 20 minutes of exercise thrice a week is already enough to help you get better sleep and feel less stressed. So if you’re eager to make exercising everyday work, here’s how you can make it happen.


  1. Schedule a Workout Day Beforehand

One of the best ways to make working out daily work is to schedule it in advance. During the weekends, think about the exercise goals you currently have, as well as the things that you want to accomplish in the upcoming week. Most fitness studios in Singapore post a list of their monthly classes online so you’ll be able to see what workout routine is available each week.

If you’re planning to attend two yoga classes during the week, try working around your busy schedule to make it happen. If possible, sign up on class as soon as you can. Plus, the late cancel fee will surely make you think twice of backing out in lieu of enjoying some after-work cocktails.

  1. Prepare Your Workout Gear

Now that you’ve already scheduled your workouts for the week, it’s time to prep up your gear. Make sure to set aside everything thing that you’ll need. If you’ll be hitting the gym on Tuesday and Thursday, then you’ll need to prepare two tops, two sports bras and two pairs of pants (or shorts). Bring out your sneakers and two pairs of socks as well.

If you’re taking yoga classes, prepare your mat beforehand so you won’t end up searching for them at the last minute. Once you’re done exercising, immediately place your dirty clothes in a laundry bag. An extra tip: Pack some protein or granola bars for your snack before or after exercising.

  1. Know What Suits You the Most

If you hate waking up early in the morning, and can barely make it to your office on time, then you won’t probably be too happy about taking an early morning workout. Likewise, if you can’t imagine your workweek without any after-work happy hour, then you won’t be too thrilled to attend a 5:00 p.m. yoga class.


With that in mind, ensure that you create an exercise plan that perfectly works for you. If you have a flexible work schedule, try fitting in some lunchtime workouts. It’ll leave you with more free time before and after your work.

  1. Make Your Workout Interesting

Another way to make working out daily more enticing to you is to change things up. Getting into a workout routine is fine – it’ll keep you on schedule to meet your workout goals. But it’s more exciting to start your week knowing that you’ll be trying something that you’ve never done before.

  1. Recruit a Workout Buddy

Having a workout buddy is another good way to motivate you to exercise each week. Apart from keeping you accountable to show up on your workout classes, it’s more fun to have someone to talk to as you exercise. If you want to be more social, consider looking for fitness meetup groups or running clubs near you. Joining an adult sports league and playing some sports after work is also a great idea.

Working out every day is actually possible. All you’ve got to do is plan everything out – bring a friend or try something new, and you’ll be surprised at how motivated you will be to continue with your chosen workout routine.


2016 List of Highest Paid Authors


You are a bibliophile and it is okay. Books for you are food for your soul. They say that the kind of book you read is the kind of person you are. This is also true for authors – the kind of book they write also tells the kind of person they are. If you find good books, do not forget about the author’s name. You may forget about their faces but never their names.


Speaking of authors, you should know the highest paid authors for this year. Forbes actually compiled a list of the highest paid authors. According to Forbes, these authors made a whopping $269 million collectively over the last twelve months. The earnings of these authors came from book sales, movie and television adaptations.

Here is the list:

  1. James Patterson: James Patterson topped the list with an income of $95 million. His books include Alex Cross, Witch & Wizard, Treasure Hunters, Private Paris and more. He won numerous awards from the Edgar Award for Best First Novel. His upcoming movie is Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life.


  1. Jeff Kinney: Jeff Kinney is the second highest paid author with an income of $19.5 million. He is the author of famous children’s book Diary of a Wimpy Kid.


  1. JK Rowling: J.K Rowling is the third highest paid author with an income of $19 million. She is famous for her Harry Potter book series. The world thought the eighth edition was the last but she released a screenplay/book entitled Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – another hit.

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  1. John Grisham: John Grisham is the fourth highest paid author with an income of $18 million. Aside from being an author, he is a politician and attorney. His notable works include A Time to Kill, The Firm, Rogue Lawyer, Sycamore Row, Gray Mountain and many more.


  1. Stephen King: Stephen King is the fifth highest paid author with an income of $15 million. His genre is contemporary horror, suspense, fantasy, science fiction and supernatural. His famous books include Carrie, Misery, Salem’s Lot, End of Watch and many more.


These authors made it on top because of their fans. They are famous not only in America but around the world. In fact, many Singaporean bibliophiles know one or all of the authors mentioned above. If you want to be like them, it is not impossible – all you have to do is to believe in the beauty of your dreams. It may not be easy in the beginning (like most beginnings) and there will always be tough days but if you believe in yourself, you will be a known author.

US author Stephen King is pictured at a

The Best Beaches in America


As if there are no beautiful beaches here in Singapore that you still want to discover other beauties out there. Sometimes you have to go out and see what other places offer. This is not for comparison but for the mere admiration of nature. If in case you are already in America, you should check out their best beaches before heading home to Singapore.


That will surely be an awesome experience. Here are some beaches worth your visit according most Travel + Leisure readers. The researchers compiled a list from the preferences of the readers. Here’s the list:

  1. Provincetown: If you happen to visit Massachusetts, you should head to Provincetown. In fact, it is the best beach destination in America. Come summertime, more than 60,000 people go here and spend the days tanning at Race Point Beach. After tanning, you can stroll to the galleries in Commercial Street. At night, treat yourself with some partying in P-Town’s bars.


  1. Hilton Head: Hilton Head is in South Carolina and it is a prime location for people who want to play golf and sunning. Aside from the golf courses and pristine beaches, Hilton Head also welcomes family to their wildlife nature preserves. If you want to get a panoramic view, head to their Harbour Town Lighthouse. If you want something extraordinary, visit early fall and you will see baby turtles hatch and washed away into the ocean.


  1. Naples: Naples is in Florida. The place does not have high rise resorts which makes it enticing for jetsetters who prefer quiet places. The small but vibrant center is filled with restaurants and boutiques.


  1. Sanibel Island: If you are fond of seashells, this is the perfect place to be. In fact, the island is fondly remembered as the “natural repository for seashells”. What make this island stand out is its untouched lands since the locals enacted regulations that spared it from the spread of development.


  1. Traverse City: Michigan is another place to be when you are looking for the best beaches. Head to Traverse City. Do not forget to join the award winning festival organized by Michael Moore. There is also the National Cherry Festival to watch out for.

As if this list is not enough, you can also head to Monterey, La Jolla and Laguna Beach in California, Saratosa in Florida, Cape May and Atlantic City in New Jersey and many more. The beach is always a nice place to visit and relax. Do not deprive yourself of the serenity it offers. Have fun!


Advantages of Internet Fax Over Standard Fax Machines


How many times have we used the fax machine to send or receive documents? If you are an office person or a student, probably, you have already used it many times. If you are a person who is very fond of advanced technology, you might have heard about internet fax already. If you haven’t heard it yet, then you have to discover this! This is the newest addition to office technology that can make your faxing tasks a lot easier and faster.


How Often People Use Fax Machines?

Before we start to discuss the latest faxing services offered these days, let us first know how often people use fax machines for sending and receiving files. While email has already been existing for a long time, the need to use fax machines has not changed. There are still documents out there that can’t just be sent through your Gmail or Yahoo accounts. Of course, sending those documents through Facebook chat or Skype file transfer is also a big no! This is the reason why there are many people who still resort to the use of these relatively big machines – fax machines.

If you are a working person and you are assigned to be working in the office (not in the field), then you will see that offices still have their fax machines. This just proves that even until today, people are still relying to fax machines to get documents sent or received.


Why It Is Not Recommended To Use Fax Machines?

While fax machines are undeniably important and useful, using these are no longer recommended these days. There are brand new ways to receive and send facsimiles today without having the need to use and operate these machines. We will tell you how we can do it in the later part of this article. For now, let us just focus to the question “Why we should not use fax machines any longer?”

If you have been using fax machines for a long time, you might have wished to have a better alternative to this. Fax machines are space consuming. It is because they are relatively large compared to other equipment. Instead of placing a fax machine in your desk or office, why not use the space for something more worthwhile? Another thing is that operating a fax machine gives you hassle. There are just machines out there that are just too complicated to operate that you would wish to no longer use them in the future.


Starting Your Own App


Mobile technology, indeed, has come a long way. From being a simple idea to becoming at the top of current marketing strategies employed by companies, it has kept people from around the world very much connected with each other. It is now even made possible to share contents, upload photos and videos, update social media network accounts, and more using your smart gadgets.


Nowadays, companies can’t just rely on the traditional way of marketing. Although it still works as it’s able to reach a lot of people, companies do need to follow the latest trend in marketing. And by latest trend, we mean making an online presence through various social media networking sites. Not only that, a lot of companies, regardless if start-up or not, are gaining popularity in the world of mobile technology as they launch mobile applications for people to download and use.

When a company launches a mobile application as a result of planning and app development, it is a way of marketing. In a world where people are very much into using their smartphones and gadgets nowadays, it is best to take advantage of it by launching a mobile app that increases their company’s exposure and sales. Although traditional marketing strategies still works, it helps that the company is up to date with the latest methods other businesses use.

You are on the right track if you leap into starting and completing a mobile app development project. Other companies and it surely did help raise their brand’s exposure in the local and global marketplace. However, the question is, would you opt to hire a mobile app developer to be an in-house employee to oversee the completion of the project? Or would it be best to just outsource and get the services of a qualified development firm?


Hiring an App Developer as In-House Employee

If you decided that it’s a better decision to go with an in-house developer to do the project then that’s great. There are many benefits as well when you hire an app developer to be an in-house company employee because you can monitor the progress of the project. You can immediately tell him your idea and he can just advise you on the improvements he did on your idea to make it possible for a mobile application.

Outsourcing and Getting the Services of Qualified App Developers

However, it is important to keep in mind that app development isn’t an easy task. In fact, it is tedious work so most companies opt for just outsourcing to get mobile application done on the agreed time period. For most developers, the job is just right because there’s no easy or too difficult program to do. But because of their expertise, they are able to take on all the technical difficulties of planning and setting up the application.

As a client company, it is up to you whether you prefer to hire an in-house app development employee or choose to just get the services of a firm. Whichever you feel and think would be the right choice then pick it. As long as the mobile application product gets delivered on time then everything is good. Just make sure that whoever you pick, the developer or development firm would be credible and can really provide the necessary service for delivering the app paid for by the client company.


Going Vegan: For a Better Version of You


You might be one of the people who is struggling to lose some weight because you easily give in to gastronomic temptations. Well, you know what you are not the only one. How about if we try to go vegan for now and see whether or not we will finally lose some of those excess fat which keeps us away from our dream bikini body.

vegetarian and vegan - hero-9bd99fb5-f500-4319-bd89-eb49912e6469-0-472x310

Well actually going vegan seems to be a fad now among our favorite celebrities. Are you a Game of Thrones fan? I mean who isn’t anyway. Of course, you are well acquainted with Tyrion Lannister— the little guy with the big (ok wait for it) brains in the show.

Yes, the dwarf. He is definitely a vegan. Now, you might not appreciate his muscles nor his abs but you couldn’t miss his unbelievable wit and extraordinary humor in the show.

Why don’t we find out if going vegan will help us be smarter, healthier and of course the burning most anticipated question that we are dying to know of the real answer is that will it help us be sexier and hotter. Let us all find out, shall we?

First stop, there are a lot of vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber which in turn will help our metabolism speed the process of burning our excess fat. Well, as for veggies, you might consider eating some flowers now; well just kidding but a cup of cauliflowers and broccolis contain 5 grams of fiber. So, it should definitely be included in your grocery list now.


As for fruits anything that has some berries is definitely good for you; yes, all those fruits with berries like strawberries, blue berries and raspberries. They are not only good; they are also tasty especially if you topped them with low-fat milk and chill it. So, the answer is a hundred percent yes.

If you are going to go totally vegan, you will not only help yourself get into that beach body you have always dreamed of but you will also distance yourself from having diabetes or cancer. But of course, let us not forget that no pain is no gain.

There are still certain conditions to be met before we can get maybe half or just some of the oozing sexiness of Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. We definitely have to look for a fun sports or game that we can go crazy about to build some muscles and abs too. Or, we can just hang out in the gym instead.

Trust me, it is all going to be worth it.


Guilt-Free Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


You might be having problems satisfying your sweet tooth while going on a diet. Well, worry no more. Here are absolutely desserts that you’ll definitely want to dig in without worrying about gaining those unwanted calories and fats.

Gourmet Chocolate Covered Strawberries

First stop, strawberries. Go to the nearest supermarket and buy some fresh strawberries and treat yourself with oozing vitamin C goodness. Almost anything goes perfectly well with chocolate therefore we are going to partner our fresh strawberries with some heavenly chocolate.

All you need for this dessert are 2 ounces of high quality dark chocolate and 12 strawberries. (Yep, that’s it.) These are the easy steps to prepare it:

  1. Place the bars of dark chocolate in a bowl and put it on a microwave. Push the medium button and let it heat for one minute or until the chocolate melts. Don’t forget to stir it occasionally. Or, you may just want to heat your boiler and wait until your chocolate melts.

(You might be thinking why on earth you would still go on so much trouble if you could just buy chocolate syrup or something like that. Well, your chocolate syrup has a lot of unwanted calories that we are trying to avoid. This is why we are trying to melt those ounces of dark chocolate instead.)

  1. Next up: wash your strawberries and then place them on a clean paper towel to dry. After that, you may now dip those juicy strawberries and enjoy your dessert pack with healthy dose of vitamin C.

Isn’t it sweet?

Well, here’s more. Let’s try another fruit shall we?

Are you going bananas trying to fit in your classic tiny black dress or maybe you’re going nuts asking yourself why on earth can’t you fit in your favorite jeans? Well, Meghan Trainor would have told you, “Girl, you need to let it go.” Yeah, so why don’t you just let go of your worries first and enjoy another of our fruit desserts.


White bread is a no-no when you’re on a diet. So, instead of cheating on your diet, why don’t you bake our own healthy bread using minions’ favorite food: bananas.

Let’s chop some bananas and mix it with some cute muffins.

Here are the ingredients:

  • 3 large ripe bananas
  • 1 ½ cup of all-purpose flour, sifted
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 5 tablespoon of melted butter
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 12 tablespoons of granulated brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 1 brown egg
  • ½ teaspoon of salt

Now here are the instructions on how we are going to bake some lovely muffins.

First stop let’s peel off the skin of our bananas then let’s mash them whatever way we like. Yes, we’re to use any style we want as long as they are mashed. Set them aside. Next, preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, let’s combine our dry ingredients: flour, baking powder, salt and baking soda in a bowl.

Mix all of them by using a wire whisk. Then set it aside. Now, let’s grab a large mixing bowl and combine our wet ingredients: mashed bananas, butte, egg, vanilla extract and granulated brown sugar. Don’t forget to mix all of them well.

Well, we are now ready to fold-in the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl and be patient for we are going to do this until we will be able to achieve a smooth texture. Look for your lovely paper cups or better yet use some heart-shaped or irregular shaped paper cups to give your muffin a twist. Scoop the mixture that you have prepared in your paper cups.

Be careful with this one because you don’t want to fill your cups completely. It will ruin your muffins. Finally, we are now going to bake it for 13-16 minutes. After which, remove it from the oven. Let your muffins cool for a while by placing it in a wire rack. Save the best for last, dig in and enjoy those muffins packed with healthy banana goodness.