Beauty Tips for a Beach Holiday

Summer is almost upon us. Beach outings are just in the corner. One cannot just resist the lure of the sea and the breeze. The feel of the sand while frolicking under the sun is the best experience. There’s a stretch of beach here in Singapore but if you want to go overseas, there is no problem with that. Make arrangements as soon as possible.


Now you already prepared your beach body and that bikini or swim suit, it is time that you consider some beauty secrets and tips for that ultimate beach holiday experience. It is important that you look and feel your best on your summer beach holiday. Here are some secrets on looking great during your beach holiday:

  • Packing the essentials: It is crucial that you pack light. You can be successful if you only pack essentials. The good news is that there are multi-functional skincare products that you can consider. These multi-functional skincare products will surely make your holiday simple and fuss-free. For example, look for a sunscreen that can be used as a makeup base as well or a multi-purpose pencil that can be used on the eyelids, cheeks and lips.


  • Exfoliating your skin: It is a futile attempt to cover the blemishes and make it disappear. You already know when the vacation is and as early as possibly, work on exfoliating skin. Exfoliating the skin can make you glow. Exfoliating means removing dead skin cells so new skins cells will grow. New skin cells have this glowing and more radiant effect. The best thing to do is consider scrub. Just make sure that you choose the right scrub that suits your skin type as there are different types of scrub in the market.


  • Prepping your skin: To help the skin against sun exposure, you have to be particular about prepping it before, during and after sun exposure. Before exposure, apply sunscreen and moisturizer with at least SPF 30. During your exposure, reapply sunscreen every now and then. After exposure, remember to apply moisturizer to keep the skin from drying.


  • Combatting sunburn: Beaches are all fun and all but when the reality hits, it can be a painful one. Sunburn should be countered. Sunburn huts and it can inflict damage to your skin. You should nurse skin back to health after the beach holiday. You can do this by considering cleansing products and wearing light cotton clothes to avoid friction. Your goal here is to evade more aggravation of the sunburn.


How Call Center Agents Can Stay Fit

A call center lifestyle is not the healthiest type. Employees have to report in for their shifts in the night and take their sleep by day. Many call center agents gain unhealthy weight and also pick up unhealthy habits the more years they spend in the BPO industry. There have already been incidents of call center employees in Singapore – both who looked fit and not – who met their deaths while on the Operations floor. This is an even more compelling reason why call center agents and employees in general should look after their weight and make extra effort on living healthy.


The following are some practical easy to do tips on how call center agents can stay fit:

Avoid Fast Food

Call center offices are surrounded by fast food chains. The operating hours of the call center industry also make the 24 hour fast food chains as convenient sources of food for lunch breaks and snacks. Unfortunately, fast food is your enemy when it comes to living healthy. If you want to take care of your body organs and live a longer life, you can cook your own food to bring for work. This way you’re sure that only the best and recommended ingredients are used in making your food while you get to save some money, too.

Avoid Smoking

Most call center employees are smokers. They litter the smoking areas allotted to them during their 15 minute break times. You’d have a shiver run through your spine as you look at all the crushed cigarette left behind or the amount of smoke they produce while they’re out smoking. We all know that smoking is bad for our health but so is second-hand smoking. Stay away from your smoker friends while they smoke lest you want to inhale those deadly cigarette fumes.


Exercise Regularly

There are fitness centers that partner with call center companies and give employees membership discounts. Some call center companies also provided free use of gyms with training instructors for their employees. When this is the case, the call center employees’ enemy would be none other than their own laziness and lack of motivation for keeping fit.

Standing Up

Sitting for long hours is a silent enemy to healthy living. Studies have shown that long hours of constant sitting can significantly reduce a person’s life span. This is the more challenging part for the call center employees especially the agents. They spend most of the time sitting on their workstations and standing up while navigating at their computer tools while talking to the customer can be quite difficult especially for the older ones. Remember to stand up every now and then and walk even just a few corners during your 15 minute breaks and lunch break.

Sleeping Enough Hours

Having a different sleeping hours from your normal schedule and having different schedules every month or so can ruin a person’s body clock. Unfortunately, this comes as a package the moment you choose to work in a call center. The best way around this is just to ensure that you’re still getting enough hours of sleep every day.


How To Get Your Personal Loan Approved Quickly  


Having debts is no good for improving our personal finances but sometimes it cannot be helped. When times are tough, we have to look for ways to meet both ends and that sometimes mean considering personal loan. Only few here in Singapore can say that they are debt-free. There is always something to pay like credit card balance or mortgage.

Couple Buying Car

Actually, there are some people who spend more than their monthly income. If you fall under this category, you where will you get money for hospital or car repair costs? It is important that you have emergency funds. When these things arise, you have nothing else to consider than personal loans. Personal loans will serve as your quick answer. You can borrow a specific amount of money and pay it back in a monthly basis plus the interest.

You can apply for a personal loan but you have to be prepared because sometimes, you will be turned down. Not all times you can have an approved personal loan. Financial institutions need to prove your standing as a borrower before they can approve the loan application. It is easy to prove your credibility but there are things that you can do to expedite the process.

Here are some things that you can do to get your personal loan approved quickly:

  • Improve your credit: When you apply for something, it will come down to your history. The history will tell the institution of your abilities. In this case, the institutions will gauge whether you are a trusted lender or not through your credit history. Do you pay your balances on time? If you do, the banks will think highly of your good standing. There are many ways that you can improve your credit history. As mentioned earlier, you have to pay your bills on time and in full. It does not end there for you have to spend less than your limit amount. Exhausting it won’t help your history.
  • Exercise discipline: Speaking of improving credit, you need to be a disciplined borrower so you can be considered. Granting you have three credit cards and you pay in full all the time. You also have to pay your car loan as well as mortgage. The bank will consider you instantly if they know that you can handle multiple credits and regularly paying them.


  • Be realistic: Only apply for a loan that you can pay. You have to be realistic about this. Your loan payment should not be more than forty percent of your monthly income. If your loan payment is more than forty percent, there will be no space for additional expenses and then you have to find another loan which is not good for your personal finances. You need to be familiar with your Debt-to-income ratio or DTI. DTI is your debt divided by your (gross) monthly income. You need to keep DTI low so your bank will approve.
  • Show proof of income: It is normal that when someone lends you money, they expect that you can pay it back. In the case of banks, they need proof of income. They need to know that you have a regular income. Employed people have better chances of getting loan approval. Make sure to keep your certificate of employment and your payslips. Self-employed individuals can still apply for loans but they need to procure other documents like income tax return, licenses and permits and financial statements.
  • Do your research: It is imperative that you do your research first before considering one bank or institution. The trick here is to look for banks with low interest rate and flexible mode of payment.

The tips mentioned above can help improve your chances of getting approved. With your loan money, hopefully things will be better. It should cover what you intend it to be. You have to remember though that you should not depend on loans. Do not make applying for loans a habit because it can destroy you instead of help you at the end of the day.

If you can help it, do not consider loans. The annual interest rate could have been used for something more important. Use the loan to your advantage. As long as you are disciplined, nothing could go wrong.


The Top Advantages of Credit Card  


Credit cards can be of great help but it can be a liability if the person mismanages it. Credit cards are widely used by many Singaporeans here for different transactions. It is rampant because all establishments accept it. The big question now is, are you ready for a credit card? If the answer is still no, you have to stall it. If you are ready for the responsibilities that it entails, you have to seriously learn how to manage it.


Credit card can give you lots of benefits to the point that you can save money. Remember that your credit history can help you with loan applications. Here are the other advantages of credit card:

Flexible payment terms

Only few banks give you the liberty to pick particular dates so you won’t have a hard time paying your balance. Look for banks that give you this liberty. Do not consider a bank that will dictate when to pay and how often you will pay. There are some banks that will give you the freedom to pay once, twice or weekly depending on your terms. The trick here is to schedule payments during your payday. This is an excellent action so you won’t have any excuses not to pay the balance in full. This can help you save money at the end of the day because you can avoid interests for paying late.

Reward points

To entice more users, banks have their unique reward points. For example, there is a bank that gives you reward point for every $20 spent. As you go along, you will accumulate points and you can redeem it through their partners. There is even a chance that you can use your reward points to pay for your airline ticket. However, be careful to overspend just to earn points.


You love to celebrate milestones – like graduation of your kid or your promotion to your anniversary. There is nothing wrong with that. You decide to eat and drink outside. The good news is that there are partner establishments that offer discounts and promos for credit card users. Aside from restaurant freebies, there are certain shops that can give you discount. You have to take advantage of these freebies.

customer paying with credit card

No annual fees

Annual fees vary depending on the bank. If you haven’t considered this and pursued anyway, you will have to pay annual fee. The thing here is if you know where to look and what to consider, you can waive your annual fees – for life. By waiving the annual fees, you can save hundreds of dollars every year. There are banks that install application booths and waive the annual fees, if you come across these booths, it is time that you take advantage of this.

Cash backs

Not all credit card users know about cash backs. Cash back refers to refunds or rebates you get after making a purchase. The percentage depends on the category – gas, groceries and utilities among others. The rebates can range from two to ten percent. This is one of the most appealing features of credit card. If you use credit cards, you will get rebates compared to nothing when using cash. To maximize cash backs, use credit card for set monthly expenses like water, electricity and cable, internet, etc.

Now that you know the advantages of credit card, the next thing that you need to do is to look for the card with the lowest interest rate. There are many bank institutions here offering competitive rates but to be sure, you need expert advice. Another thing to remember here is to make sure that you don’t pay interest for late payments. If late payment is unavoidable, it is useful if you applied for a card with the lowest interest rate.

It won’t hurt you to research first before indulging. The advantages mentioned above are useful for first-time credit card users. By learning the ins and outs of credit cards, you are one step ahead of managing it. Do not wait for things to get worse before making an effort to manage your credit card. Having a plastic is a great responsibility and it takes a whole lot of self-control but if managed properly, it can be your greatest asset.


Alkaline Water: Natural Treatment for Asthma and Allergies

Every time you breathe, you lose water. So, that’s about a quart of water every single day you breathe out of your body. In colder places, during winter season, the mist that we often notice coming out from the nose and mouth as people breathe is the invisible water vapour that’s a by-product of breathing. Imagine hanging your wet clothes on a clothesline to be dried out. When it’s windy, the clothes dry much faster. Same thing happens when breathing. You create a wind that goes deep inside your lungs. If you don’t drink enough water, your lungs dry out and the delicate membranes that absorb oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide would become brittle. As water supply diminishes, the body is forced to produce more histamine, which isn’t a very helpful internal action when dealing with asthma and allergies.


Purpose of Histamine

Histamine is an agent that’s in-charge of regulating water distribution in the body and is responsible for keeping the body’s antiviral, ant-bacterial, and anti-foreign chemical defence systems healthy. When the body has sufficient amount of water, histamine’s action are imperceptive in an unexaggerated level. On the other hand, if the body is dehydrated, the immune system activates the histamine producing cells to release large amounts of histamine that is supposed to be used for other functions.

Tissue Toxicity Leads to Allergies and Asthma

Some Singapore doctors said that allergic reactions are triggered by toxins produced by harmful bacteria like Candida, which develops in acidic environments. According to Dr. Robert Young, the toxins produced by microbes in an overly acidic body contribute to symptoms of allergy. The toxins will cause the immune system to overwork and be constantly stimulated. If a person does not have symptom-producing fungus and bacteria, it’s likely impossible to experience allergic reactions—another reason to maintain the right acidity/alkaline level of your body.

Asthma is also a health condition caused by lack of water. In cases where this condition isn’t caused by dehydration, it can get worse by dehydration. Therefore, good water like Singapore alkaline water from H2O Life Source can play a crucial role in keeping the body healthy, in reducing symptoms of asthma, and in curing asthma.

Water Chemicals that Can Aggravate Asthma

Not all potable water is created equally. When drinking water, it would be best to run it first through a water filter to free it from toxic minerals and chemicals. It also needs to have standard pH level to neutralize the acidity of the body and prevent growth of harmful microorganisms internally.

Drinking water with chlorine and contaminants can get you sick and potentially trigger or aggravate asthma symptoms. Unfortunately, most tap water in Singapore has chlorine in them as this is the compound used in municipal water systems to neutralize the acidity of the water in order not to corrode the water pipes. This simply means that tap water isn’t only contaminated with chemicals, but also acidic—the two qualities you don’t want in your water.


Drinking water safe from harmful chemicals will help enhance your health, and thus relieve asthma symptoms. If the water you take has chemicals in it, it will only worsen your situation. Just always keep in mind though that the water is not the problem, but the chemicals in it. The best thing to do is to get the chemicals out of the water before drinking it.

Alkaline Water for Treating Asthma and Allergies

Eradicating acidic elements and hydrating the body is relatively easy. By drinking alkaline water, you are flooding your cells and tissues with minerals necessary to neutralize acidic wastes in the body. Additionally, the superior hydrating power of alkaline helps even the most severe case of dehydration.

People with asthma can benefit significantly with alkaline water as it is full of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium, which are very essential in combating the disease.
Moreover, these minerals also help eliminate acidic compounds responsible for the growth of disease-causing microorganisms and increase the body’s ability to cope with the anxiety caused by influx of toxic gasses.

Here in Singapore, you’ll find many different brands of alkaline ionizing machines. They come in different types, such as machines, tumblers, and pitchers, to provide cost-effective and ease of access to clean and healthy alkaline water.


5 Simple Tips to Gain Internet Fame


Social media dominates the internet world of today. One of the most popular and visited social media websites is YouTube, a video sharing site that allows people from around the globe to upload their video whether it be a music video, vines or anything with different themes. Due to its rise, some “YouTubers” gain internet fame for having viral and trending videos.


Amongst the number of most visited channels in YouTube is Wahbanana, a local YouTube Channel in Singapore with more than 569,000 subscribers and having more than a million views in every of their uploaded videos. Wahbanana is casted by several local Singaporean YouTube stars like Mathew Stewart, Eden Ang, Jason Hau, Audrey Goh and other local YouTubers.

They gain their internet fame by creating quirky videos with themes like comparison videos, differentiating types of people in various aspects, and other funny videos which the audiences found very entertaining. But what do it takes to be noticed in social media? Well, here are five simple tips to help you become a star in your own YouTube channel.

  1. Be more than just a pretty face. Yes, good looks can catch the eye but it’s not exactly the looks that will sustain your stardom in YouTube. If you want to get noticed, then be more than just a pretty face. Give your audience the side of you that shows how awesome you are as a person. Viewers appreciate someone who is more than the face but has something interesting to offer.


  1. Talent is everything. Enrich your God-given gifts and share it to the world. Viewers nowadays are smart, they don’t just hit “like” button for nothing for nothing eh. Usually, those who gain fame in the internet are the ones who has that talent whether be it in singing, dancing, stunts, cooking, acting or anything – a touch of your talent can be very interesting. So if you are thinking of getting noticed, practice your talent and upload it for the world to see.

tanya burr

  1. Think outside the box. If you have the talent – then you are in for an advantage, but if you are having a hard time discovering your hidden potentials, then you can try different schemes and be creative. Think outside the box, think of something that you feel will interests yourself and the viewers. Think differently, because different is good. Be more adventurous, be more noticing, and be more confident to try out new things. Well, a dose of peculiarity doesn’t hurt either right?


  1. Be funny. With all the stress in everyday life, every viewer deserves something fun right? You can simply do this by enjoying yourself. Have fun, laugh at yourself, do crazy stuffs (crazy but safety) and spread joy to your viewers. Mostly viewed videos are those with funny acts, stunts and crazy cool stuffs – those that have something entertaining for the people.


  1. Outshine your own self – be you! Above everything else, there is nothing more special than sharing the person you are to the world. Do the things that makes you happy – video yourself, be comfortable in who you are, simply just be you. Viewers usually appreciate an honest video, and nothing’s more noticeable than you just being you. Let others hate – but trust me, a lot will appreciate.


5 Ways to Overcome Sudden Weather Change


Like everything on Earth, change happens to the weather in sudden ways imaginable. You start your day with a sunny morning and ends it up with a rainy evening. Or either ways, you start your day with a heavy rain, and ends it up with hot afternoon. What an inconvenience right? Not only that, this sudden weather change may cause not only simple inconvenience but it also brings unexpected diseases that someone might get due to the shift in weather temperature.


In Singapore, the rise of dengue cases relates to the sudden change in weather that the country currently experiences. Number of cases of dengue add up from day to day. With this situation, how do we cope with the inevitable call of weather? Here are 5 easy ways to deal with sudden weather change like a boss.

  1. Food is everything. What better way to help yourself to be invincible with disease is to be digestively and bodily ready? Eat healthy foods to make your body more ready to fight unexpected harm that the weather may bring. Throw out and stop eating junk foods, fast foods and other unhealthy foods. Return to the old healthy kind of food choices – go and think green!


  1. Being equipped is fantastic. Always come in prepared, whether you are going out to the mall, or just taking your dog to a walk, do not rely on the current weather condition – always see the future. Carry a light weight umbrella wherever you go. With this, either the sun hits you, or the raindrops soak you, you are more than ready to deal with it. Plus, carrying an umbrella is not that big of a deal anyways.


  1. Always be mindful. Your initiative is your best friend. Always see what might be ahead. In this unpredictable changes in weather, dealing with it smartly can save you from getting colds or any disease due to sudden weather change. If you see a dark clouds forming, then you know what to do, and basically know what to bring. If you see scorching hot sun, then you know as well what to do and what to bring. Always keep your mind in an A-game, whether it be dealing with the weather or other things in life.


  1. Get some means – be aware. Get yourself informed. If you’re planning on going outside, make sure that you are able to check the news for current weather updates. Always be guided with what are the recent weather temperature and the chances of raining if there is. A weather news might change your life!


  1. Just stay right where you are – home. Nothing is ever safer than staying at home. If you have nothing important to deal with outside, just stay at home. Feel cozy and you have nothing to stress about whether it rains or its hot outside. Get a blanket, sit in your couch, eat your popcorn and watch your favorite show. Besides, weather won’t directly hit you at home.

Mother at home with children

Everything You Need to Know about FES Watch  


You are a timepiece fanatic. You poured a lot of money for a timepiece like wristwatches. Many people will tell you that that is madness but what do they care if it makes you happy? Speaking of wristwatches, you will be happy to know that there is a new design of wristwatches developed by a subsidiary of Sony.


Knowing that it is Sony, you will be assured of its quality. The wristwatch is called FES Watch which is an e-paper timepiece. The concept was first introduced last year at Makuake – a Japanese crowdfunding site. Sony later expanded the concept to a crowdfunding portal – First Flight. The good news is that this month, it is available for release although a limited one and only in Japanese stores.

You should not over-expect though. FES Watch is not a smartwatch. It is in essence just a watch that can tell you the time. Despite its simplicity of design, it is expected to hit the market and make a mark after its launch. If you want to purchase one, there are only two stores in Japan that you need to consider.

You need to head to The MoMa Design Store located at Omotesando with initial launching on November 21, 2015. Another store will offer FES Watch – Shinjuku’s Isetan with launching on December 1 onwards. Other electronics stores in Tokyo are left out for the meantime. If you are not within the two stores identified earlier, you can still purchase at First Flight. The shipping is every Saturday.


Although Sony did not mention further plans to offer FES Watch to other stores in Japan and abroad, you can be at ease because it will eventually get here. The cost of the watch (tax inclusive) is ¥29,700 or $242. Why should one consider it? Well, the wearers have the opportunity to alter not only the watch’s face but also the pattern of the strap. Many watch have this kind of service but what stands out? The watch face and the strap is made of e-paper tech.

It does not end there because the watch boasts of two year battery life and the most important of them all – it is waterproof. Knowing its price, it is not that expensive since it is not trying to be a smartwatch in the first place.

Sony is proud of another milestone especially that it embodies the founding essence of “doing what has never done before”. With this, you can only wait for it to be available here in Singapore.


Reasons to Consider Having a Thermal Flask


You may call it a flask but Brits call it thermos. Flask refers to a container that takes a form of a flattened bottle which is used to carry alcohol and other beverages. You see flask carried by most women here in Singapore but you should consider it a gentleman’s accessory too.


If you want to try a thermal flask for once in your life, you have to know that Nisnas Industries, a Boston lifestyle company, already introduced Kole. Nisnas Industries is proud to tell the world that Kole is moulded and designed stylishly for a gentleman’s use.

Here are the reasons why you should consider Nisnas Industries’ Kole thermal flask:

  • Shape: You do not consider a thermal flask because it is bulky. It is true that most of thermal flasks are bulky but not Kole. Kole takes pride in its aerodynamic shape that makes it the world’s most compact flask. Its sleek shape makes it a perfect accessory.
  • Materials: The materials used are not your materials used in a flask. The materials are picked to elevate the looks of the Kole. The designers use smooth wood finish plus a stainless steel cap. The thermal flask is a beauty and everyone will be surprised to discover you have a morning espresso or a whisky in there (although espresso is recommended since you are going to work).


  • Ease: It was mentioned earlier that its shape is sleek and compact. You can use it with ease without thinking of it occupying much space in your bag or luggage. In fact, Kole is so sleek that it can fit in your vest pocket. If you put it in your vest pocket, it is very easy to use it simply by reaching it. You will no longer to scour your things.
  • Partners: Nisnas Industries is not only for profit because it is also concerned with the things happening around.Nisnas Industries collaborated with Israel’s Social Economic Academy. This means that a portion or percentage of the profits will be instrumental in battling income inequality in Israel as well as Palestine.

The Kole flask costs $78. For this cost, you know that you helped a lot of people in Israel and Palestine. Although it is not yet domestically available here, if you want to order, you have to check Nisnas Industries’ page and possibly arrange it to be transported here in Singapore.

The Kole is stylish as well as functional so it should be considered. It is high time that you consider it.


Diagnosing and Treating Breast Cancer: Possible  


The world is full of illness. Some are less serious than the other but when we hear of cancer, it is never light. Cancers are very serious and it can lead to unwanted deaths and losses. Here in Singapore, the leading cause of death among women is breast cancer.


In 2012, there were more than 1 million cases of breast cancer diagnosed around the world. This made breast cancer the most common cancer diagnosed among women. Here in Singapore, from 2010 to 2014, there were about nine thousand cases of women with breast cancer.

The new breakthrough is released by scientists of Science, Technology and Research on October 29, 2015. They announced with enthusiasm and positivity that there are fresh ways of diagnosing at the same time treating breast cancer.


The Bioinformatics Institute scientists recognized two main classes of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC). IDC comprised eighty percent of breast cancer cases. The distinction and identification of the two main classes will enable scientists to improve their diagnosis to treatment .This simply means that it promise better outcomes.

Only scientists understand the IDC or other related things. The important thing here is we have better chances of surviving cancer with this new development and understanding. Women with breast cancer here in Singapore should stay positive and hopeful because the new discovery will be developed which will bring actual treatment strategies that can battle breast cancer.

This is good news of the patients suffering with breast cancer and their family. We will have to wait and see where this discovery will lead us. We can only hope and pray.