Singapore Beat Making – Do not Add Extra Beat

Almost all musicians in Singapore were born with different rhythm and style. Moreover, they differ in the level of difficulty on terms of the musical instruments they play. For beginners, beat-making is a tough mission to surpass. Beginners usually scratch their heads keeping on the beat they want to create.


But when you are dedicated to do things possible, you can actually be a professional beat-maker. And who knows? You can be as famous and as rich like a successful businessman. Beginners usually learn beat-making techniques through the internet. With so many online beat-maker software available today, you cannot resist to learn.

Beat-makers online allows everyone (whether music lover or not) to learn the basics as well as the advanced techniques in beat-making. In beat-making, you don’t have to be too much. Learning to add drama on your beat makes you popular to all. Sometimes, beat-makers create their beat too vague. To be original in your work, do thing simplest thing because simple means more creative.


However, do not overdo it. If you can’t avoid it, or if you are doing it maybe more than a year, the best advice to follow is to listen to other beats. You have to put yourself first to the listener’s side so that you can understand why they make negative or positive comments.

Avoiding overdoing such will allow you to see the difference of your work from other works. Try to search online. There are online beat-makers that offer free music or beat. There are a lot of free sample works online that you might like or listen. To excel in beat-making, avoid repetitions as possible and escape from the work like “adding extra beat”.


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