Tap Into Your Creative Side

Do you sometimes yearn to unleash more of your creative side? Admit it or not, focusing only on your logical side can sometimes be a drab. Everything needs to be balanced. So it’s just fitting for us to find balance between our logical side and our creative half. Even the geniuses of our world managed to marry both sides harmoniously. Take for example the great Leonardo da Vinci who is both an exceptional artist and a scientific genius with works not only limited to his well-renowned paintings but also his scientific endeavours.


That being said, we are not aiming to be exactly like da Vinci, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but for the sake of our creative talent, why not enhance it even more? Take a look at a few of these creative pursuits, find one that suits you best and be inspired to tap into your own creative side.


Sketching and Painting

There’s nothing like putting into drawing the exact picture you’ve created in your head. If you’re one of those who have a natural gift for sketching or painting then you are so blessed. But if you happen to be not so gifted in this kind of art, don’t fret, you’re not alone. And besides there are tons of classes which teach you the basics on sketching and painting anyway so there’s still much hope to learn this skill.



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Remember when you used to do this as a kid in school making bracelets or celebration cards? Well by all means you could still do it up to now. There are crafts-making lessons of all sorts from intricate jewellery making to pottery making. And the good thing about this creative venture is that you could even start a small business selling your very own creations.



Have you ever tried your hand at writing short stories or short essays of your reflections and realizations? Well, this could just be your niche. Writing helps in unloading any emotions that you are carrying in your heart. And if you want you could even write your compositions in any of the languages you know. In fact, this is also another way for you to practice and master your second language. So get your pen and paper ready and put your thoughts into writing.

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