Unique Ways to Style Your Sneakers


Although we love our towering platforms and high-heeled pumps, there’s no denying that we’ll always have a weak spot for sneakers. Who wouldn’t love them when they’re totally on trend, they’re ideal for creating a cool vibe, and they look amazing with just about anything you pair them with. That said, we’ve listed down some of the easy ways on how you can take your sneaker styling up a notch.


  1. Think About Going Monochrome

Loved by stylish stars, bloggers, and fashion editors alike, the black and white running shoes fit just as well with the latest designer clothes with spandex leggings. It might seem counterintuitive, but the best way to style this pair is to treat them the same way you treat your pair of pumps.

  1. Sport Those With Fun Colours

Apart from providing great arch support, another reason to love a pair of jogging shoes is the array of cool colours that they come in. The neon details on a basic show is what will add some fun flair to your favourite neutral coloured outfits.

  1. Wear it With Your Favourite Tough Skirt

While it sounds like a style equation that only your 12-year old self would wear, the technique in sporting a skirt-and-sneakers combo relies on the textures of the pieces that will be worn. Wearing a feminine top, such as a lace crop, will help in balancing out tough pieces like nylon sneakers and a leather mini.


  1. Try it On With Your Jumpsuit

Although there’s no denying that satin slip-ons look good when paired with shorts, everybody can just pull off that look. So take a step back from that pairing by wearing those kicks with your favourite dressy jumpsuit instead. You’ll be surprised as to how Instagram-worthy your OOTD will be.

  1. Pair it Up With a Dress

Want to give your favourite printed shift dress some style overhaul? Then consider pairing it up with a colour-coordinating kicks. This getup will surely create a lovely contrast with your accessories and ladylike topknot.

  1. Remember the Classics

Whether you like a worn-out or a clean pair, canvas shoes have been a wardrobe staple for decades. Since they come in pretty much any colour conceivable, all you need is a little creativity to make these kicks completely your own.

Wearing your sneakers in a more stylish way is actually easy. All you’ve got to do is let your creativity flow with your outfit choices, and you’re set to achieve those blogger-like getups that you’ve always wanted to try.


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