Water Sport in Singapore – Sailing

  • August 22, 2014
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Aside from swimming and other water sport, Singapore is also known for the sport sailing. Sailing is a water sport wherein one must control a sail. An individual who’s riding on a sail must be strong to be able to fight for the wind that’s blowing. The goal of the sailor is to prevent the sail from stumbling.


Sailing in Singapore

This is one of the top sports in the country. This comes next from basketball, swimming, football and more. Although sailing is water sport, many Singaporeans shows their interest to the sport. In fact, they have been joining different competitions from around the globe which include Southeast Asian Games, Asian Games, Ladies and Men’s International, World Silat Championships held in Thailand and Holland as well as Youth Sailing World Championships.


Sailing Chronicles of Singapore

Sailing in Singapore started after Jack Snowden and other members of Singapore Yacht Club joined the 1956 Melbourne Olympics wherein they compete with many countries. In 1966, Singapore Yachting Association was established. It was headed by Jack Snowden (the first president of the organization). He encourages every Singaporeans to be active with the sport.

Through the dedication of the association to encourage Singaporeans to indulge to this water sport, the government was pleased to award the group by creating a new building for them which is the National Sailing Centre (NSC) situated at the Park of East Coast. This center is meant for talented and excellent individuals that are good in sailing so that the group will be able to produce young talents to compete for international competitions.



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