When Parents Should Say No  


Being a parent is an overwhelming responsibility. Our to-do-list is never ending but we have to surpass it all for the sake of our children. There are some parents who are so focused with fulfilling their chores that they somehow lost the joy of parenthood.


We should never ever lose the joy of parenthood no matter the circumstance. Let us always find the joy of parenthood by determining things that we should say no. Here are some things that we must say no to:

  • No to pressuring kids to be perfect: We have to keep in mind that we are not perfect even if we strive to be. Instead of striving for perfection, why not be kind to ourselves and be realistic? For unattainable standards, let us not force ourselves.


Of course, we hope and pray that our children excel in school, but what if they simply can’t? Will we hold it against them? We have to say “yes” to progress instead. We should accept the abilities of our children and support them no matter what. Sometimes it is a matter or acceptance.

  • No to overscheduling: We want our children to be good in many fields and maximize their potential. That is understandable but we have to know that over-scheduling our children’s lives can cause imbalance. Our children needs time to dream, think, reflect and more importantly, rest. We should not overdo it.
  • No to making comparisons: It is difficult not to compare our children with others but most parents stress the comparison for the purposes of encouraging their children to be better. It will not only hurt the child’s self-esteem but also his worth. We have to be careful when we mention other people’s children.

The list is just a few but it can make a whole lot of difference.

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