Why Are You Always Hungry?

Do you find yourself spending more money on food than usual? Are your thoughts always filled with yummy treats? Do you still feel hungry even after several small meals within the day? If you have finally noticed how your life is slowly spiraling into an obsession with food, maybe it’s time to step back and ask yourself if something’s wrong with your body.

• Stress. Chronic stress messes up the level of cortisol in your body, so that even if you do not need the extra energy, your body is telling you that you need to eat more. Do not underestimate what stress can do to your physical and mental health, because you’ll end up with more serious problems later.

• Dehydration. For some people, constant hunger is a silent symptom of being dehydrated, but they are mistaking the signs for hunger instead of thirst. If you feel thirsty, do not substitute water with other beverages to avoid health problems.

• Insomnia. If you have had problems sleeping for some time, your body’s hormones will make you feel hungrier no matter how much you eat. You’re more likely to gain weight that way, because you will be craving for food high in calories and fat.

• Hypoglycemia. When your body’s glucose levels are too low, your body will tell you to eat more so that it can convert more sugar into glucose. If this is the case, then you need to visit a doctor to determine potential causes, such as diabetes, kidney disorder, and pituitary gland disorder.

• Diabetes. The sugar you consume is converted into glucose and is supposed to power the cells, but if you have diabetes, all the converted sugar is not used. This will send a wrong message to the rest of the body by telling you to eat more despite not being able to gain weight.

• Monthly Period. Hormonal changes in women can drastically affect their appetite, especially during the days leading to or during the monthly period. Your body is demanding more calories because of its heightened energy state.

• Skipping Meals. Depleting your store of energy can make you hungrier for your next meal. If you’re trying to lose weight by skipping meals, you should reduce the food portions instead.

• Medication Side Effect. If you’re taking medications, check the label for a list of side effects, because some drugs tend to increase a person’s appetite. As long as you eat healthy food though, it should not be problem.

• Fast Metabolism. You can’t do anything about this, but at least try to eat a complete, healthy meal on time and always stay hydrated.

• Not Enough Protein and Fat. Perhaps the constant hunger you feel is a sign that your body is telling you you’re not getting enough fat and protein. But if your diet consists of refined carbohydrates, you will still feel hungry no matter how much you eat.

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