Why Writing by Hand Still Matters  


We are living in the digital age. This means that everything is provided with only one touch of a hand. The digital age made things easier and more convenient but it made us too dependent. In the case of communication, it is now focused on the central messages. When we communicate, we always get to the point.


The messages that we have to deliver these days should be hurried too. This made us lose our interests on words. It takes time to send a message. Any haste will only lead to misunderstanding. We should avoid misunderstanding by taking time to write some messages.

If we want to be understood well and build connections in a personal way, we have to be reconnected with our inner passion – that is crafting beautiful words. Not all Singaporeans consider actually writing letters by hand but this craft can be powerful and more personal. Many people will appreciate this craft.


Words are not the main focus here but the time that we put through and do not forget the effort too! So, if we want to make things more personal, writing by hand should be practiced. Believe that writing still matters. We only need plain papers or stationaries to begin with.

Writing letters here in Singapore is not that popular anymore. Everyone prefers emails rather than considering snail mail. There is no surprise if post offices are no longer needed. However, this does not mean that we stop writing. As long as our hands can take it, we should keep writing and inspiring.


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