Your Ultimate Guide in Picking Better Working Gear  


The workplace can pose different hazards to your hands in the form of cuts and burns. Also, rigorous working environments can bring harmful effects to the respiratory system and to your health in general. Having that said, it is vital to choose the right protective equipment. Whether you’re looking for safety gloves, paper face masks, or respiratory protective equipment, here are some tips you need to follow.


Know the hazards

First, there is a need for you to identify the materials in your workplace and the possible hazards that come with it. Basically, there are different hazards in different industries such as construction, maintenance, joinery and plumbing. This may include bio hazardous substances, extreme temperatures, and electrical current, and harsh chemicals. By knowing the potential hazards in your workplace, you’ll get to know the right choice of protective equipment.

Choose the right material

When choosing a pair of glove, you need to choose one that is resistant to abrasion for maximum protection. For example, you can buy household rubber gloves with bead cuff, grip palm, and flock liner. This is advisable for industrial and domestic cleaning. If you need a protective barrier against dry and wet working environments, choose a disposable glove with low density polyethylene for your safety is a good idea. If you are doing warehouse work, the best option for you is a cotton glove that is designed with a ribbed knit-wrist.

For respiratory protection, choose a disposable face mask that is lightweight and has elastic ear loops. Also, when choosing the right masks for protection against dust, make sure to choose equipment designed with quality materials.


Consider comfort

Safety gloves, disposable paper face masks, and other protective gears are likely to be used consistently. Hence, always choose one that you are comfortable with and that fits you well. When you’re using gloves which are too small, it will restrict your movement. On the other hand, using gloves that are too large for you may lead to a less secured grip or be accidentally caught in the machinery.  Choosing the wrong type of hand or respiratory protection equipment can cause injury instead of protecting you against it. Hence, always make sure that the gear fits you.

Look into the price

Practicality also applies when choosing the right personal protective wear. To save money, you can buy disposable gloves and household rubber gloves in bulk. If you want affordable disposable paper face masks or a quality glove, look for clothing suppliers that offer discounts for big orders.

Don’t put your safety and comfort at risk when you are in the workplace. Wearing protective paper face masks and safety gloves does not only mean putting on a clothing. Just like with all other protective equipment, it is essential that they fit not only the job but most importantly the user. It is worthwhile to invest a bit of your time, money, and research to choose the right protective wear according to your needs and situation.  Follow the tips above and you will surely get the right protective wear for your occupation.


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